Loading data from a Flat File(s)

Supported a Flat File(s) formats

Data can be loaded from ASCII and Unicode files in UTf8, UTF16BE and UTF16LE formats with BOM marker and without

To perform data mapping:

  • Click Data Target Options button
Data Target Options
  • Dialog box will appear
  • Select appropriate target type
Data Target
  • Click Get tables list
  • Select Table you would like to import data into from the Drop Down List
Data Target ODBC
  • Click Transformation tab
  • Select Add Records
  • Click OK
  • Click Data Source Option Button
HTML toolbar
  • Dialog box will Appear
  • Set Delimiter and Quota to appropriate values

Note: If you want to load data from several files specify a mask.

Click OK. Click and select the file you would like to import data from.

File Selector

  • Select Fist field in the Data Target fields list and drag and drop it above [F1] field.

You may change field mapping by using the mapping panel at any time.


How to perform Auto mapping

If the Data Source and Data Target have got the same fields’ names you may use the Automap feature.


, Fill in all necessary data and click map.


Now we are ready to import data.
Let’s check the script first.
(Click to check the script)

Check script

Here is an example of the error, the date format is missing.

Target field format date

Click to load data into the database

Run button

Processing Data

Once loading is finished you may check the Log file or the Rejected records file.

Video Tutorial

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Last updated: August 1, 2022