Report Designer

Report Designer

Report Tool Bar

Report Tool Bar
  1. Report Properties
  2. Notes
  3. Saves Report to the Repository
  4. Report Connection
  5. Show only connections for the current project
  6. Manage Versions
  7. Add Version
  8. Revert to the previous version
  9. Make report Read Only

Creating Basic Report

Select report group from the objects tree and click “new”.

Creating Basic Report

This will bring up the Report Properties tab as shown. Fill in the description and comment edit box if necessary:
Report Properties

Follow wizard steps

Report Wizard

Report Wizard

Data Source

Report Data Source

Enter report sql or use query builder

Query Builder

SQL Query Builder

Fields Selector

Report Fields


Report Groups


Report Layout


Report Style

Click “Finish” to create the new report

Report Preview

Report in Report Designer

Print Preview

Using the preview button, the report can be exported to PDF, Html or into an Excel file as a CSV. Reports can also be emailed, either by saving them into one of the formats stated or directly from the preview facility.

Passing Parameters into the Report

It is possible to pass parameters into the Report using variables

Object names

It is very important to use valid object names otherwise variables will not be replaced with the actual value

  • For ADO(OleDB) use ADOConnection for connection object and ADOQuery,ADOQuery1…ADOQuery20 for queries
  • For UniDac use UNIConnection for connection object and UNIQuery,UNIQuery1…UNIQuery20 for queries
  • For BDE use BDEConnection for connection object and BDEQuery,BDEQuery1…BDEQuery20 for queries

Defining Variables

Defining Variables

Defining SQL Parameters:

:P1 is an SQL parameter

Defining SQL Parameters

Linking SQL Parameters to variables

Linking SQL Parameters to variables

Passing Parameters from Package into the report

Passing Parameters from Package into the report

Passing Parameters from Package into the report

Notes Dialogue

Notes Dialogue

Video Tutorials

For more technologies supported by our ETL Software see Advanced ETL Processor Versions

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Last updated: July 6, 2023