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  • ETL Software Affordable for everyone

    ETL Software Affordable for everyone

    Our prices start from $100 only


  • A Wide of range of data sources

    A Wide of range of data sources

    Including XML, JSON, Text, Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, PostgreSQL, QVD, QVX, TABLEAU.


  • Solutions that drive business results

    Solutions that drive business results

    Complete Business transformation: Ftp, Email, SQL, Http, Sms, Soap, ETL


  • Event Management

    Event Management

    Monitor Directories, Files, Email, MSMQ, Ftp and HTTP traffic


  • Edit data in any database

    Edit data in any database

    Using Active Table Editor


Easy to use, fast and powerful ETL SOFTWARE

Work with: Text, XML, Excel, Access, DBF, Foxpro, Clarion, Paradox, ODBC, BDE, OLE DB, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Firebird, Interbase, SQLite, POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, HL7, HTTP, File System, FTP, cloud storage, SSL, Unicode, RSS, Windows Event Log, Google Spreadsheets, SalesForce, BrightPearl, Tableau and QlikView.

Built-in scheduler, business rules designer, package designer, report designer, data browser. Powerful data transformation language, regular expressions and more...

DB2  PostgreSQL Firebird  Informix  Interbase Oracle ODBC
MySQL Excel QlikView SQLAnywhere SQLIte SQLServer SYBASE

Transform ANYTHING

Advanced ETL Processor has more than 500 transformation and validation functions. Data can be sorted grouped or filtered, the possibilities are limitless. 

Transform Anything

Automate Everything

Loading images into blobs

VAST Number of Workflow Actions

All package automation actions

Xerox Global Services

The product is easy to learn and once a developer understands the ETL way for solving the problem at hand, the developer's productivity will increase. Even our DBAs now uses the ETL software to quickly create solutions instead of SSIS or .SQL jobs.

Daniel Fung
Solutions Architect


I used Advanced ETL Processor in 2 Enterprises for many business processes and Business automation (outside finance department). I did not find any other tool with so many functions and broad flexibility for that Price! If you need support for bugs or solution design you will get it very fast. Best Support I have ever seen.

Lionel Albrecht


Albatross and DB Software Laboratory (DBSL) partnered in 2010 and have been working in close cooperation ever since. Over this period of time DBSL software components formed an integral part of a large number of Albatross applications currently used by over 20 UK NHS Trusts (Hospitals).

Dmitry Dorsky

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