One of the major benefits of working with Active Table Editor it’s ability to create rich report.

Report Designer

Report Designer

The units of measurement in the report can be determined from the horizontal and vertical rulers shown in the display. The units of measurement are usually based on centimeters, but this can be changed if required. This enables the user to design the exact layout of the data and titles on the report on paper before the report is designed. Therefore, it is possible to use “X” and “Y” measurements.

Report Tool Bar

Report Toolbar
  1. Saves Report to the Repository
  2. Report Connection

Creating New Report

Click plus to create new report

Report Properties

Fill in all necessary details and click ok

Creating New Report

Follow the wizard steps

Report Wizard

Report Wizard

Data Source

Report Data Source

Query Builder

Query Builder

Fields Selector

Report Fields


Report Groups


Report Layout


Report Style

Click “Finish” to create the new report.

Report in Report Designer

Report in Report Designer

Print Preview

Reports for Non Admin Users

Only administrators can design Reports. End users can only view and print them

Design Reports Admin

Attaching reports to the forms

One of the benefits on using Active Table Editor is the ability to link reports to forms.

The reports can be be linked via Menu items

Attaching Reports

Or via the form

Linked Reports

List of linked Reports

This screen can be used to edit existing linked reports or to add new ones. (Admins only)

Linked Reports

Once the report is created it is possible to link to the form by using variables.

To see the list of variables within designer, Click Report => Variables

List of variables

Whe report is linked to a form or grid it gets list of variables from it. Those variables are populated with fields values when report is generated

List of variables

Variables Properties

Linking Parameters

Previewing linked report

Preview Linked Report

Video Tutorial

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Last updated: September 17, 2022