The problem

One of our customers was having problems publishing tableau hyper files to the tableau online server. We asked them to grant us access. That was given and we started our testing. Here is the package we created. It has a loop object which is executed 40 times. The package uploads various hyper files. The file sizes are between 800k and 150mbs.

Tableau hyper upload

It takes 2.5 hours to execute the packages. During execution, the files are published non-stop about 400+ times. The package failed in our office several times but it was constantly falling on the customer site. We created 11 internal releases before we managed to fix the problem.

Tableau hyper upload execution log

The solution

There were not specific failure patterns. All development was done according to API published by Tableau.

So what wee did is introduced more resilience.

 Advanced ETL Processor will try to connect the tableau server 5 times and once successful it will attempt to upload the files up to 3 times.

Learn how to publish files to Tableau server

We offer free 30 days trial of our ETL Software, no registration is required. You can create Hyper and TDE files. It is also possible to run SQL against hyper files and extract data from them.


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