We invite you to join a selected group of Business Partners who have chosen to sell our solutions and technologies as part of their product or service offerings. Market demand for our ETL and  Business Intelligence software is growing strongly and so are the opportunities to sell and deliver our Business Automation solutions.

Implementation Services

We are looking for Companies or Independent Consultants who are willing to provide various implementation services.

ETL-Tools Expert?  Promote Your Services

How it works

When a user clicks on a banner or button or link from your site to DB Software Laboratory's affiliate software site the link is tracked. Even if the user purchases months later the purchase will be credited to your organization.

It is really that simple. It costs nothing to join, there is no risk, and it really works. Not only can you earn revenue, but since the software can be downloaded and tried before purchase it is a terrific way to add content to an existing website.

Our affiliate program uses a wrapper technology that ensures that all affiliates are compensated for any referrals that result in a sale.

Start making money in three simple steps
  1. Sign Up: Join MyCommerce affiliate program for DB Software Laboratory. Once your application is approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  2. Add Links: Add links and breathtaking graphics to your website. Begin promotion of DB Software Laboratory's software.
  3. Cash checks: Wait for the checks to come in.
Commonly Asked Questions
  • How much will I earn? Affiliates earn a commission on each sale they generate. Commissions provided to affiliates are 30% of the total order.
  • How do I get paid? DB Software Laboratory uses as MyCommerce 3rd party affiliate management services, once an account is established with the affiliate providers, you can check account statistics at any time to see how much you are earning on a daily basis. Checks are sent to you from MyCommerce.
  • How can I promote the Software? You can promote your affiliate URL through banners, buttons or text links on your website. Additionally, if you maintain an opt-in newsletter you can reference the URL in it.
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