A new version of Advanced ETL Processor is out with a much more anticipated new feature: the ability to work with multiple excel sheets within a single transformation. This was not possible before. the only way was is to create a separate transformation for every single sheet and execute them sequentially.

 Excel ETL Package

All you need to do is point writers to the same file. In the example below, "Writer C1" adds data to the C1 excel sheet and "Writer C2" adds data to the C2 excel sheet. This not only makes the life of our ETL software users easier but also improves performance. 

Excel transformation

Writer properties

Excel writer properties

Important notes:

  1. Point all writers to the same file
  2. Make sure that Create a new file/Add Data Into Existing File is the same for all writers 
  3. If one of the writers has selected "Recalculate Excel File" the file will be recalculated

We would like to thank Vattikonda from https://www.cepres.com/ for providing us with useful feedback

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