In a lot of organizations, Excel Spreadsheets are everywhere and Excel is everything. It is extremely important for modern ETL tool to work with Excel correctly.

Of all Microsoft Office applications, Excel is one of the most important ones for all kinds of businesses. This is because it provides an enormous capacity to perform everything from simple day-to-day operations to complex statistical analysis. It comes packed with lots of valuable formulas, charts and other tools that simplify the process of recording, analyzing and performing calculations of data. This is the reason why it is used daily in millions of workplaces all over the world. Almost everyone who deals with data has used the Excel interface at some point. 

Our software can process, create and update Excel Spreadsheets automatically, the possibilities are limitless
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Loading Data from excel file

We worked with a lot of finance and accounting companies and the first question they always ask was: How do we export the data to Excel?

How our ETL software works with Excel as a data source

To harness the full power of Excel, you need to have an ETL tool that is capable of handling input from Excel files. Owing to the many ways you can use Excel to achieve your desired results, you need an ETL tool that is flexible enough to understand the different ways data can be processed. This is where our Advanced ETL Processor really shines. It is able to work with Excel as a data source and take inputs from Excel files depending on your specific preferences. Here are some of the things you can do with this ETL tool:

  • Use a mask to load data from multiple Excel files
  • Use a mask to load data from multiple Excel sheets
  • Use a mask to load data from multiple excel ranges
  • Combine multiple data sources into a single excel file 
  • Skip the header and footer in the Excel file
  • Read a single cell from an Excel file
  • Accurately read data from Excel 100% of the time
  • No need to install additional drivers to read Excel data

This ETL software is built by people experienced in managing data warehouses hence you can be sure that it comes packed with features that you will actually use in your day-to-day operations. Whatever you need to get data from Excel files, you will find it in our Advanced ETL Processor.

Using Excel as a data-target

In addition to allowing you to get data from Excel, our Advanced ETL Processor enables you to export data to Excel files. Once again, this tool is designed to give you full functionality when exporting data to Excel. Whether you are looking to create a new Excel file for your data or you want to add the data to an existing file, the Advanced ETL Processor is all you need. Here are some of the things you can do with it when using Excel as a data target:

  • Create a new Excel file with your data
  • Insert the data into an existing Excel file
  • Clear an Excel sheet or range
  • Append data to an Excel file
  • Choose the cell where you will start adding data on an existing Excel sheet
  • Replace data in an excel sheet with new data
  • Use custom format
  • Create dynamic Excel formulas

Generating excel file

Workflow operations

In addition to the above data operations, you can also perform a number of workflow operations on Excel sheets. Here are some of the processes that you can perform:

  • Check if the sheet is present within the excel file
  • Delete a sheet on an Excel file
  • Rename a sheet in an Excel file
  • Insert an empty sheet
  • Check an entire Excel file

Whatever data operations you want to do on Excel files, our Advanced ETL Processor will help you do it easily and effortlessly. Click the button above to download it for free and try out some of its amazing features.
The Advanced ETL Processor is the ultimate ETL tool when it comes to working with Excel files.

Excel operation

Great performance - thousands of records per second

Loading Data from excel file Thousands of Records Per Second

Transform Excel files - any way you want

Advanced ETL Processor has more than 500 transformation and validation functions. if something is missing we will add for you. Data can be sorted grouped and filtered, the possibilities are limitless. 

Transform Excel files anyway you want

 Complete Excel files processing automation

Advanced ETL Processor offers various automation actions such as file operations, email processing, FTP operations, compression and even encryption. 

Automate Excel Attachments Processing

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