We are happy to announce that the latest version of Advanced ETL Processor supports the creation of Tableau Hyper files
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What’s Hyper?

Under the hood, Hyper is the technology that now powers Tableau’s data engine. The data engine is what handles opening, creating, refreshing, and querying your extracts.


A full list of changes:

  • Added:  Support for Hyper Tableau files (64-bit version)
  • Added:  Upload type option to Publish Tableau File action dialogue
  • Added:  "If File Exists" option to Publish Tableau File action dialogue.
  • Added:  Support for hyper, tdsx, twb, twbx files to Publish Tableau File action
  • Improved: Publish Tableau File action uses rest now
  • Improved: Third-party components update

Create Hyper Files

About Tableau:

Tableau is a business intelligence software that allows anyone to connect to data in a few clicks and then visualize and create interactive, shareable dashboards with a few more. It's easy enough that any Excel user can learn it, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most complex analytical problems. Securely sharing your findings with others only takes seconds.

The result is BI software that you can trust to actually deliver answers to the people that need them.

Video Tutorial


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