What is an Access Violation?

 Let's say for example we have two programs A and B. Access violation happens when program A tries to access memory reserved for program B. Most of the time Access violation indicates that the program has a bug. 

How to fix Access Violation?

Some users think that rebooting the computer or reinstalling the software will fix the problem. It is not going to. The Access violation must be fixed by our development team. This is the only way. 

What information is required by the developer team?

Somehow we need to be able to reproduce the problem in the office so we need the following information from the customer:

  1. Version Number
  2. Exact steps required to produce the problem
  3. Backup of the repository
  4. Source and target files (if transformation is failing)
  5. SQL scripts
Special build

The special build is a version of our software that also includes debugging information. When a special build fails it creates a log file in the same directory.

access violations log

Remote connection

We are happy to connect remotely if necessary.

Direct link, no registration required.