There are two ways of running the Apache Kafka Logger with security enabled or disabled.
When security is disabled every one has unlimited access to Apache Kafka Logger, We do not recommend running Apache Kafka Logger with disabled security


Login screen


Security is enabled

Security is enabled

Security is disabled

Security is disabled

Password Encryption

The passwords are encrypted using a security key. We recommend changing it immediately after installation

The procedure is as follows

  • Disable security
  • Update security key
  • Restart the logger
  • Update users passwords
  • Enable security
  • Restart the logger

SSL Encryption

We recommend using SSL encryption for network communications

The procedure is as follows

  • Generate SSL Certificate
  • Copy server.key and server.cer into .env folder
  • Enable SSL
  • Restart the server

Once started open the following URL in the browser


ENV Folder





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Last updated: March 7, 2023