Advanced ETL Processor is a powerful data integration application with support for integrating data with virtually any format including Flat files, Excel, MS Access, DBF, FoxPro, ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase, Email, Salesforce, Brightpearl, Windows Event Log, File System, XML, QVX and QVD files.

Advanced ETL Processor is an ideal product for transforming data.

All of this can be achieved without writing a single line of code

Complex Data Integration made simple

The data integration process can often seem overwhelming, because of the vast number of large-scale, complex, and costly enterprise integration applications available on the market. Advanced ETL Processor gives our customers data integration capabilities built into a straightforward graphical user interface. At any stage, the user can press the "Magic Button" and see the result of the transformation without actually loading the data.

Data Integration in Advanced ETL Processor

Advanced ETL Processor allows you to easily associate target and source data structures using drag-and-drop functionality. A vast built-in library of advanced data processing filters and functions is available plus you can write your own transformations using powerful data transformation language in more complex data integration scenarios.

Integrating Data from/into multiple data sources

Advanced ETL Processor lets you easily integrate data from multiple data sources or split data from one data source into many. Multiple data sources can be specified through support for wildcard characters (e.g., ? or *) and it can be applied to the files/tables or sheets.
Advanced ETL Processor also allows you to use calculations in file names as parameters in your data integration projects. for example, you can use it to load data from today's files only.


Maps once use everywhere

Advanced ETL Processor introduces a new concept called "Universal Data Reader and Writer".

Whether you are working with an Oracle, text file or Access database, Advanced ETL Processor transforms data based on data definition regardless of the underlying content. This means that you can reuse your data integration mappings again and again as your business data changes.

Simply right-click on the data reader or data writer and choose Properties to access the connection settings dialogue to change your data source and, consequently, the data source or target of your data integration project.

Data Manipulation

Data integration projects often require a certain amount of data manipulation - the insertion of data processing functions, filters, constants, or other operators to make the data consumable by the target system.

Advanced ETL Processor provides intuitive features that enable you to perform complex data validations and transformations. These include 191 filters and conditions, 52 data transformation functions, powerful data transformation language and much more.

Functions, filters, and constants can be accessed in the Advanced ETL Processor via a drop-down toolbar. All functions are grouped into categories for example String, Number, Date, Time validation functions, regular expressions, lookups and data transformation functions.

Chained Transformations

Chained transformations enable you to create complex mappings in which the output of one mapping becomes the input of another. Some complex transformations are very difficult to understand, this powerful feature allows you to design and debug complex transformations one small step at a time. Each chained component becomes a modular entity in an interdependent transformation sequence, allowing for conversions to be made on-the-fly.
Chained transformations can be created using any mapping components connected to one or several data writer components.

mt_ignore:Chained Transformations example

By Using native API for Oracle(OCI), MS SQL Server(BCP), ODBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Interbase/Firebird Advanced ETL Processor gives the users great performance thousands of records per second.

In the event of an error, Advanced ETL Processor generates a detailed and explanatory report, giving the user ultimate control of the accuracy of the database.

Recommended product for desktop users who require advanced data transformation and validation