Good news we have just added support for cloud storage to our ETL products.

Supported Cloud Storage Operations: Download and Upload Files, Create and Delete Folders, List files.
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Online storage systems, or “cloud” services as they're also known, allow you to store digital media online by uploading via your computer or mobile device. Though transferred and accessible via the web, the data is actually physically held in datacentres located around the world, often owned by whoever provides the particular service you use (Google, Microsoft or Dropbox).

Following clod storage providers are supported:

  1. DropBox
  2. Google Drive
  3. Microsoft OneDrive
  4. Box
  5. Amazon Cloud Drive
  6. Hubic
  7. HiDrive
  8. Yandex disk
Cloud Storage Action

The cloud storage action dialogue allows the end-user to define package action properties. It also allows browsing, downloading and uploading files and works with directories.

Cloud Storage Action

This dialogue demonstrates a different attitude towards developers (end users). In fact, this is how development should be done. A lot of companies create MVP and nothing else. More than they are not willing to make it any better as long as management is happy to buy the software they are happy with the product. The problem is that Managers do not use the software I do.  The cloud storage dialogue makes my life much easier

Tom Barker, 
Director of Information Technology

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