Advanced ETL Processor is true real alternative to SSIS. It's highly advanced capabilities makes SSIS look like a toy.
Vast Number Of Connectors

Text, XML, Excel, QVX, QVD, MS Access Database, DBF, Clarion, ODBC, JDBC, OleDB, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server CE, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase/Firebird, SQLite, File System, POP3, IMAP4, HL7, Google SpreadSheet, RSS Feed, SalesForce, Brightpearl, BDE, HTTP, FTP, Microsoft Message Queue, Windows Event Log, Active Directory, Tableau Hyper and JSON

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Alternative to SSIS

Great Performance - Thousands Of Records Per Second

etl performance

Performance depends on the data and complexity of the transformation

Transform The Data - Any Way You Want

Advanced ETL Processor has more than 500 transformation and validation functions. if something is missing we will add for you. Data can be sorted grouped or filtered, the possibilities are limitless. 

Transform Excel files anyway you want

Workflow Example

Automatic Invoice Processing

Workflow operations

all package automation actions

We do everything to make the life of developers easier

Here is SSIS Ftp task editor. There is no much to change or see here. Plus FTP is not a secure protocol so it makes it useless in the corporate environment.

ssis ftp task

Here is Advanced ETL Processor FTP Action Properties dialogue. The users can see the files and perform necessary FTP actions.

ftp package action

Universal DataReader and Writer

Unlike SSIS, Advanced ETL Processor avoids having different connectors, many of which are very subtle variations on similar components. Instead, Advanced ETL Processor uses only one universal Data writer and Data reader component but each one is highly configurable and includes all of the parameters needed to get your data in and out of almost any data source. This approach allows the end-user to design mapping once and use it with any database or file.

Monitor Services

The monitor is a windows service waiting for an event to happen. When it does it executes the predefined action. we offer the following

Monitor TypeDescription
Directory Monitor Tracks folder changes, such as file creation, removal, modification or rename.
FTP Monitor Tracks new files arrivals
IMAP4 Monitor Tracks new email arrivals
POP3 Monitor Tracks new email arrivals
MSMQ Monitor Checks Message Queue (MSMQ) for new messages.
HTTP Monitor a web server that executes an action when a predefined URL is open.


Please also watch the repository videos. Understanding working with the repository is extremely important.  

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