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 And the most exciting news is that All of them work on both Windows and Linux. Please get in touch with us if you want to run the Deep Bin on a different OS. We will create a special build for you.
Deep Bin
Deep Bin gives the users ability to edit the data in the database such as SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. The users can design custom menus, pages, grids workflows and data entry forms. Deep bin is not just a data entry tool it is also a framework we used to create Event Loggers and Licensing Server
 Event Loggers

An Event Logger is an application that reacts to predefined events and writes event information into the database. The simplest example of an event is the Rest API call. Most popular order processing systems allow the seller to define the URL called upon order completion. The information stored can be used to generate an email notification or provide the user with the license keys. The typical event logger consists of an event handler, filter and the repository database where everything is stored. 

Event Logger
 Note: There are currently 8 event loggers available for download: IMAP4 Email Logger,  Office 365 Email Logger,  MQTT Logger, HL7 Logger, URL Logger, File System Event Logger,  Apache Kafka Logger and RabbitMQ Logger

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