What is a repository anyway?

Both Visual Importer ETL and Advanced ETL Processor use a repository database to store all its objects.  The default repository database is MS Access. It is not recommended to use MS Access as a repository in a production environment.

Supported repository types are:

MS Access
SQL server

Before "Repository" can be used it must be created and tables inside the repository must be created. If the repository database exits but no tables were created "Wrong Repository Version" error message will be shown

Wrong Repository Version

 Or if it is not possible to connect to the repository: "Failed to connect to the repository"

Failed To Connect To The Repository

Creating Repository:

The repository can be created by running scripts manually or by using the repository creation wizard

Watch these tutorials to understand working with Repository better:


Note:  Once installation is completed user may find all the scripts in C:\Users\Public\Documents\DBSL\Repository Scripts\Repository
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