This example demonstrates how to create a mail merge workflow package.

Data example

Source Data Example

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The solution

Simple ETL

Transformation is loading emails into the database

Simple ETL

How it works

  1. A list of emails is loaded from the database.
  2. Loop over the list,
  3. Assign the variables
  4. Send emails.
  5. Reset variables back to the original 

To view the example follow the steps below

  1. Download and install Advanced ETL Processor [Link]
  2. Download and Unzip example[Link]
  3. Create a new SQL server connection if necessary
  4. Create EMAILs table (0024 Create Table.sql)
  5. Create a new transformation and open .ats file
  6. Double-click on the Reader object and amend the source file path
  7. Double-click on the Writer object and select the connection created in step 2
  8. Select the table created in step 4
  9. Save the transformation
  10. Create a new SMTP connection if necessary
  11. Create a new SQL script (0024 Get Variables.sql)
  12. Create a new SQL script (0024 Loop Script.sql)
  13. Create a new workflow and open .wfp file
  14. Double-click on the transformation and select the connection created in step 5
  15. Double-click on the loop and select the SQL script created at step 12
  16. Double-click on the set variables and select the SQL script created in step 11
  17. Double-click on the Send Emails and modify email text if necessary
  18. Press the green arrow to run the transformation

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