Here is an example of how to load data using the stored procedure.

Using this approach gives the user the ability to perform complex transformations inside the database, for example, the user may nave a look table that is just too big to pull out or the user may want to reuse existing code.

Please note that bulk loading is aways faster

Table Creation Script
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[orders](
    [customerid] [char](5) NOT NULL,
    [orderno] [decimal](20, 5) NOT NULL,
    [orderdate] [smalldatetime] NOT NULL,
    [amount] [decimal](16, 2) NOT NULL
Stored Procedure Script
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[p_Populate_Data]
   @customerid char(5),
   @orderno    decimal(20,5),
   @orderdate  smalldatetime,
   @amount     decimal(16, 2)
 set nocount on
 insert into orders (customerid,orderno,orderdate,amount)

Stored Procedure1

Stored Procedure 2

Stored Procedure3

Note: Both Visual Importer ETL and Advanced ETL Processor support working with stored procedures

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