Today we are proud to announce release of Advanced ETL Processor Ent version 6

The main feature in this release is introduction of monitors. Monitor is a windows service which waits for certain event to happen. It automatically responds to events by performing user-defined tasks and actions.

  • Directory Monitor
  • FTP Monitor
  • POP3 Monitor
  • IMAP4 Monitor
  • MSMQ Monitor
  • HTTP Monitor

event monitors

Full list of changes:

Options Dialogue

  • "Execute only local actions" option was removed
  • "Use agent for execution was" removed

Maintenance tab

  • Complete redesign

Schedule tab

  • Execute on computer check box was removed

Schedule dialogue

  • Execute on computer check box was removed
  • Application Platform drop down box was added

Execution log tab

  • Execute on computer check box was removed
  • Added Submitted,Executed and Platform fields

Submitted = application name which added action to the execution queue
Submitted = application name which executed the action
Submitted = application platform which executed the action (Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit)

  • It is now possible to change use agent option
32 Bit 64 Bit BUY

What is Next:

  • We will add ability to work with multiple computer/nodes to management console
  • Support for mongodb will be introduced 

As usual we welcome suggestions from our users

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