Advanced ETL Processor - is ready for the users.

A new version of Advanced ETL Processor is out with a much more anticipated new feature: Block transformations. Working with very complex Excel files can be really difficult. Block transformations were created to address this challenge.  The way it works is very simple:

  • User marks data blocks within the Excel files
  • Every block can be then transformed individually eg: reformated, sorted, filtered, or rotated 
  • Block can be also combined into one
  • The results are then written into one or multiple Excel files

Marking data block

mark data block

Note: It is possible to select cells, cols, rows, entire sheets, and groups of cells. Block transformation works with multiple Excel files and data blocks

Repository upgrade scripts

Please use the following scripts

Other changes are:

  • Added: Block transformation package action
  • Added: Added Enabled/Disabled flag to objects tree
  • Added: 4 new examples
  • Improved: Office 365 email reader no longer fails when no emails are found
  • Improved: Package editor popup menu
  • Improved: Setup procedure
  • Updated: Third-party Excel libraries 
Direct link, no registration required.