Addressing common issues

Question: I have just created a brand new repository but I can’t figure out how to create transformation/package/report.

Answer: You have to create a transformation group first then you will be able to create transformation. If you have already got a transformation group right click on it and select new.

Question: I have opened existing transformation and unable to change connection details. Server name and other details are disabled.

Answer: You have to find a connection within objects tree on the left and change it there.

Question: I am reading data from blob field but it is empty

Answer: Please read the following article Blob Field is empty

Question: I am loading data into MS SQL Server but I am getting “Function sequence error”

Answer: Most likely your SQL server drivers too old.Please read the following article Function sequence error

I am reading data from MS SQL Server but I am getting “Invalid Descriptor Index”

Answer: Please read the following article: Invalid Descriptor Index

Question: I have created transformation/import and I am able to execute it. But when I run it from the package it fails

Answer: Please read the following article:Could not find any files to read

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Last updated: April 13, 2022