Procedure SetScript(const Value: WideString)

Use to assign Script to VImpX If ParseConnection is true VImpX connects to the target database and retrieves list of fields VImpX connects to the datasorce and displays data

Procedure LoadData

Use to load data into database

Procedure SaveToDb

Use to save mapping into the database, same as pressing save to db button

Procedure AboutBox

Use to display about box

Procedure ClearSqlBefore

Use to clear sql before

Procedure ClearSqlAfter

Use to clear sql after

Procedure ClearMappings

Use to clear all mappings between source and target database

Procedure UpdateFieldsList

Use to refresh list of target table fields

Procedure UpdateSourceData

Use UpdateSourceTable to refresh source data

Procedure LoadFromFile(const FileName: WideString)

Use to load script from file

Procedure StartImport

Use to start import when source type is dsApplication

Procedure FinishImport

Use to finish import when source type is dsApplication

Procedure TargetExecuteSqlBefore

Use to execute SqlBefore without importing the data

Procedure TargetExecuteSqlAfter

Use to execute SqlAfter without importing the data

Usage example:

VImpAX1.SqlBefore:='TRUNCATE table Orders1';
specify Target
- dtSqlServer

Function MapField

Use to perform mapping between source and target. Returns true if mapping was successful


  • FieldNo;
  • Key;
  • MappedTo;
  • MappingType;
  • Calculation;
  • DateFormat;
  • IfNull;
  • IfError;
  • Default;

Possible “If Null” Values:

0 = inIgnore
1 = inReject
2 = inSetDefault

Possible “If Error” Values:

0 = ieReject
1 = ieSetToNull
2 = ieSetToDefault

Procedure AutoMap(const FileName: WideString; Position: Boolean ; SetUpdateKey: Boolean)

Use to perform mapping between source and target fields. When position is true field are mapped using position when false using field name (Characters [ and ] are ignored)

Procedure UseSourceFieldNumbers

Use to change source fields names

Procedure UseFirstLineAsSourceFiedsNames

Use to change source fields names

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