Working with python

Download and install python from

To avoid issues install it for all users

Our software automatically detects the version of python installed, and loads relevant DLL.
32-bit version of our software uses the 32-bit version of python and
64-bit version of our software uses the 64-bit version of python

Here is a very basic example where we are converting a string into the upper case using python

Using scripts is the slowest way to transform the data and it should be avoided.
If you do not know how to transform the data ask the question here and we will help you.

The script checks a number of the day and shows appropriate message

“etltools” package provides a way of communication between python and our software.
It is only available when python is run from our software.

etltools.SetVariable('<VariableName>','Important Value')
etltools.WriteToLog('Important Message')

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