Registration Process

The purpose of this article is to explain how the registration process works and address common issues.

When software is executed for the first time the trial period starts and the user is presented with the following dialogue.

The trial period is 30 days and it can be extended if necessary. During the trial period, the software is fully functional and it has no limitations. If the software uses windows services they do run without any limitations as well

The license information can be found on the front (design) page. It is also included within the About box.

Once the trial period is finished the user is presented with the following dialogue. The user can then register the software or cease using it.

Once use user has bought the license the email is sent to the user with the registration information. The sales process is fully automated. It is extremely important to use the correct email address, especially when buying the software for someone else.

Once the software is registered correctly the following dialogue is presented to the user

Licensing server is not required for registration. For site license owners it might take a long time to enter the registration details on multiple computers. The license server is used as central storage registration information and allows users to easily retrieve it.

Licensing Server

  1. Please enter exactly the same registration name as it was provided via the registration email.
  2. Please note that the registration name is case sensitive
  3. Please make sure that there are no leading or trailing spaces

Registration information is specific to the software. EG if a user has bought the license for Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise but installed Advanced ETL Processor Professional the user will not be able to register the software.

Try running software as an administrator

Once the user has bought the license we will provide the user with support for one year. After one year the software will show the remainder at the top. This message has no impact on software functionality. If the user has not paid for support and maintenance we reserve the right to refuse to provide support.

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