Connecting to GMail

Please use the following link to check if Less Secured Apps are enabled

  • SMTP Host:
  • SMTP Port: 587
  • TLS Protocol: Require TLS
  • SMTP Username: (your Gmail username)
  • SMTP Password: (your Gmail password)

Still no luck? Check with your host if they have port 587 blocked by a firewall.

  • POP3 Host:
  • POP3 Port: 995
  • TLS Protocol: Explicit TLS
  • POP3 Username: (your Gmail username)
  • POP3 Password: (your Gmail password)

  • IMAP4 Host:
  • IMAP4 Port: 993
  • Encryption: Implicit TLS
  • IMAP4 Username: (your Gmail username)
  • IMAP4 Password: (your Gmail password)

When Less Secured Apps are disabled you can still access Gmail by using app passwords.

To create an app password make sure that two steps verification is enabled.

Click on app passwords and create a new one

Use generated password to connect to Gmail

For more technologies supported by our ETL Software see Advanced ETL Processor Versions and Visual Importer ETL Versions

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