0 – otIMPORT
1 – otEXPORT

Property ParseConnection

Use ParseConnection to specify whether to parse Source/Target connection parameters when Script is loaded or assigned via SetScript.

Property TransformationType

0 = ttADD 
3 = ttUPDATE
4 = ttDELETE

Property ExportFile

Use ExportFile to specify a file to export data into.

Only if export source is Sql Statement

Property ExportDirectory

Use ExportDirectory to specify a folder to export data into.

Only if export source is table(s)

Property ExportFileDelimiter

Use to specify an Export File Delimiter.

Property ExportFileQualifier

Use to specify a Export File Qualifier.

Property SqlBefore

Use to specify Sql to execute before importing/exporting data.

Property SqlAfter

Use it to specify Sql to execute after importing/exporting data.

The Sql Statements must be delimited Sql Delimiter
No Select Statements are allowed

Property SqlDelimiter

Use it to specify Sql Statements Delimiter.

Property AbortOnError

Method GetScript

Use it to get current script loaded

Property Visible

Use Visible to show/hide DEWizadX ActiveX.

Property RejectedRecordsFile

Use RejectedRecordsFile to specify the file to save rejected records into.

Property RejectedRecordsFileQualifier

Property RejectedRecordsFileDelimiter

Property LogFile

Use LogFile to specify file to save messages into.

Property LoggingEnabled

Use to enable writing messages into a file.

Property ShowWelcomePage

Use to hide Welcome Page.

Property ShowLoadPage

Use to hide Load Configuration Page.

Property ShowSavePage

Use to hide Save Configuration Page.

Property ShowSqlBeforePage

Use to hide Sql Before Page.

Property ShowSqlAfterPage

Use to hide Sql After Page.

Property ShowBanner

Use to hide banner on the left.

Property RejectedRecordsFile

Use it to specify file to save rejected records into.

Property RejectedRecordsDelimeter

Use it to specify a Rejected Records File Delimiter.

Property RejectedRecordsQualifier

Use to specify a Rejected Records File Qualifier.

Property RejectedEnabled

Use to enable writing Rejected Records into a File.

Property WizardImage

Use to change Left Image of the Wizard

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