Procedure ShowWizard

Use to show Data Exchange Wizard

Procedure OpenScript

Does the following Shows open dialog box. opens script(configuration) and shows Data Exchange Wizard

Procedure LoadFromFile(filename: WideString)

Use to load configuration from file into Data Exchange Wizard

Procedure SetScript(const Value: WideString)

Use to assign script(configuration) to DEWizardX

If ParseConnection is true
 When Operation Type is otIMPORT
 DEWizardX connects to the target database and retrieves list of fields 
 DEWizardX connects to the data source and displays data
When Operation Type is otEXPORT
 DEWizardX connects to the source database and retrieves list of tables 

Function GetScript: WideString

Use to get script(configuration) as a text string

Procedure Execute

Use to Load/Export Data

Procedure AboutBox

Use to display about box

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