Deep Bin

Deep Bin gives the users ability to edit the data in the database such as SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. The users can design custom menus, pages, grids workflows and data entry forms. Deep bin is not just a data entry tool it is also a framework we used to create Event Loggers and Licensing Server

Deep bin makes everything user-definable, for example, users can change the toolbar's icons, text and colours.

Tables are user-definable, the users can change the list of fields, sort them, apply filters to data or create menus

The forms are user-definable as well. The users can add new fields to an existing form or create a new one. All embedded forms can be customised

Deep Bin works on both Windows and Linux. Please contact us if you want to run Deep Bin on a different OS. We will create a special build for you.

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