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Active Table Editor Documentation


Common business application functionality

Every business application, for example, accoutring software or hospital patient admission system has the following functionality

Manual Data entry

Very common request users may want to enter payments or invoices in some of the database tables plus they may want to design their own data entry screens


Import is very important because everyone wants to avoid entering data twice.


Same as above this should work correctly with excel as the favorite data format for most of the users


Most of the calculations are performed inside the database so it must be very easy to run stored procedure just by pressing a button


Again it is hard to imagine modern application without the ability to print the data


Ability to design reports is also very important


Users want to control who can see what and who is able to modify the data. This is usually done by creating user groups and giving them access to certain objects

Why we created Active Table Editor

While implementing data warehouse we needed to give the users ability to edit lookups tables so we created a universal solution for this kind of tasks Active Table Editor

Later this functionally was greatly extended

Table of Contents

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