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Management Console

Management Console is Microsoft Windows service which allows the user to monitor the execution of Advanced ETL Processor and Visual Import ETL objects.

Management Console is only available with Enterprise Version.

The Management Console can be installed using the command line.

  • amc.exe /INSTALL (for Advanced ETL Processor)
  • vmc.exe /INSTALL (for Visual Importer ETL)

To uninstall the Management Console as a Windows service you must run the Management Console with the /UNINSTALL switch as follows

  • amc.exe /UNINSTALL (for Advanced ETL Processor)
  • vmc.exe /UNINSTALL (for Visual Importer ETL)

Once service is installed and running open internet explorer and run


We recommended running management console service using same user you use to design actions.
Default Username and password are Admin/Admin.
The default port is 8080, to change port edit port.ini file in the settings folder

Video Tutorial

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