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FTP Monitor

The Ftp Monitor checks FTP server directories for new files.

  • Multiple FTP servers can be monitored
  • Multiple Directories can be monitored
  • Full support for Unicode
  • Automatically performs user-defined tasks and actions.

Creating New Monitor

  • To create a new Monitor select “Event Monitors” tab and click New
  • Dialog box will appear
  • Fill in Description edit box with the name of the Monitor you are about to create
  • Select file creation as an event to monitor
  • Change computer name if necessary
  • Select FTP connection to monitor from the drop-down box
  • Switch to execute tab
  • Select object to execute
  • Change computer name if necessary
  • Change application platform if necessary
  • Switch to parameters tab
  • Fill in remote directory and mask
  • Fill in a comment if required
  • Click OK to finish the creation of a Monitor

Installing FTP Monitor

FTP Monitor is automatically installed during setup but not configured.

It can be also installed using a command line

To install the FTP Monitor as a service run following command:

  • aetlftpmonitor.exe /INSTALL (for Advanced ETL Processor)
  • vimpftpmonitor.exe /INSTALL (for Visual Importer ETL)
If the Monitor is already installed you it must be uninstalled first 

To uninstall the Monitor as a Windows service you must run the Monitor with the /UNINSTALL switch as follows

  • aetlftpmonitor.exe /UNINSTALL (for Advanced ETL Processor)
  • vimpftpmonitor.exe /UNINSTALL (for Visual Importer ETL)
The commands above must be executed as administrator (elevated).

Configuring FTP Monitor service

It is recommended to run FTP Monitor using the same user used to design Packages/Transformations/SQL scripts.

  • Open windows services
  • FTP Monitor in the list
  • Double click on it
  • Dialog box will appear
  • Set startup time to automatic
  • Change username
  • Start the service

Important Notes

FTP Monitor is only available with Enterprise Version.
FTP Monitor looks for files with the most recent modification date

Checking Monitor Status

  1. Make sure that monitor service is up and running
  2. Make sure that monitor service is using the appropriate username and password
  3. Make sure that monitor is enabled on the maintenance tab
  4. Make sure that monitor is enabled on Event monitors tab
  5. Make sure that execution agent is configured properly

Monitor is enabled on Maintenance tab

Monitor is enabled on Event Monitors tab

Action was submitted by FTP Monitor

FTP Monitor Variables

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