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Execution Agent

The Execution Agent is a Microsoft Windows service which automatically executes scheduled actions such as packages, transformations, imports and SQL scripts.

Execution Agent is only available with Enterprise Version.

The Execution Agent can be installed using the command line or via the user interface.

To install the Execution Agent as a service run following command:

  • aetlagent.exe /INSTALL (for Advanced ETL Processor)
  • vimpagent.exe /INSTALL (for Visual Importer ETL)
If the agent is already installed you it must be uninstalled first 

To uninstall the Execution Agent as a Windows service you must run the Agent with the /UNINSTALL switch as follows

  • aetlagent.exe /UNINSTALL (for Advanced ETL Processor)
  • vimpagent.exe /UNINSTALL (for Visual Importer ETL)
The commands above must be executed as administrator (elevated).
The agent works once license key is installed.
The agent is automatically installed during setup but not configured.
64-bit execution can execute both 64-bit and 32-bit actions
It is recommended to run Execution Agent using the same user you use to design actions.
Do not use mapped drives, use UNC path instead

Checking Agent Status

Agent Email Notifications

Another way to control Agent status is email notifications

Video Tutorials

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