Our ETL software works on Windows only.

Below is a List of Software that must be installed before installation of ETL Software:

Microsoft Windows XP or higher
FoxPro ODBC driver 6.1.8629.1 or higher Separate download Only to work with DBF/FoxPro Files
SQL ODBC driver 2000.81.9041.40 or higherPart of OSOnly to import data into MS SQL Server 2008/2019
Interbase client GDS32.DLL Only to work with Interbase or Firebird Databases
Oracle Client 7.3.4 or higher Provided by OracleOnly to work with Oracle Databases
SQLite Sqlite3.dllOnly to work with SQLite databases
BDE DriversLatest Version Only to work with Paradox or other BDE databases
Tableau ClientLatest Version Only to work with Tableau

Separate Downloads:

FoxPro ODBC driver

FoxPro OleDB provider

Office 2010 Data Access Components



Working with Oracle:

 Oracle client 8.1.7 to load data into/from Oracle
 Oracle client 9 to load data into/from Oracle
 Oracle client 10 to load data into/from Oracle
 Oracle client 11 to load data into/from Oracle
 Oracle client 12 to load data into/from Oracle

Working with SQL Server:

Using ODBC:

Depending on the Requirements you may or may not need to have all components installed.
There is no need to install clients for MySql and PostgreSQL they are integrated into the software itself.

The installation may use up to 120 meg of disk space. We recommend using 8 gigabytes of memory. Our software streams data, therefore, having loads of memory is not going to improve performance. (eg: it does not load all the data into memory at once). Repository database takes approximately 200 megs.

We do have customers running our ETL software on low-end servers in the cloud.

Most of the time two i7 processors and 16 gigs of memory is more than enough. We prefer not to force someone to buy expensive hardware which is not going to be used. It is better to start small and upgrade later.

For more technologies supported by our ETL Software see Advanced ETL Processor Versions and Visual Importer ETL Versions

Confused? Ask question on our ETL Forum

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