Execution Log

Once Package, Transformation or SQL Script (Action) is running or completed the Execution Monitor screen allows checking status or troubleshooting if any error happens.

The Action may have four different statuses:

  • Executing
  • Submitted
  • Failed
  • Finished

The log screen consists of two panels.

The Top panel shows the overall status of the execution.

Double click on the top panel to see the log.

The Bottom panel shows the status of individual items within the Package. Double click on the Bottom panel to check item log.

  1. Shows Log dialogue
  2. Refreshes the screen
  3. Post changes
  4. Deletes the record
  5. Prints
  6. Previews Grid
  7. Find Record
  8. Export Grid
  9. Export Data into Excel
  10. Show/Hide Fields
  11. Auto format grid
  12. Show grouping panel
  13. Delete all records from the log (except the ones being executed right now)
  14. Stops Execution
  15. Show/Hides bottom panel
  16. Refresh log every minute
  17. Show first 10 records only
  18. Open directory containing log files
  19. Edit selected object

The user can stop execution at any time by pressing .

SQL script stops once execution of current SQL statement is finished. It could take some time to do. 

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