If a new directory is required, selecting “New” on the new directory icon brings up the following dialogue:

The following steps are needed to create a directory:

  • In the Name Text Box type in a new name for the directory you are about to create
  • Fill in the Directory path you wish to load data from
  • Click OK to close the directory Properties Window

The user may change connection or directory properties at any time by double-clicking on it.
It is also possible to use a sub-directory in the existing directory <DirectoryName>\Subdirectory.

For example <Buffer>\tmp will expand to:

C:\Program Files\DB Software Laboratory\Demo\Buffer\tmp

To avoid issues never use mapped drives, use the UNC path instead
  • Double click on directory selector (or file selector)
  • Choose a directory from the list
  • Double click on it
  • The directory is added to the path

For more technologies supported by our ETL Software see Advanced ETL Processor Versions and Visual Importer ETL Versions

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