Working with Transformer


To change Transformer properties double click on it


  • If no data is present in the grid check the previous step execution log.

About input and output fields:

  • If a transformer is connected to any object other than the writer it is possible to modify the list of Outputs. When the transformer is connected to writer list of Outputs is taken from Writer.
  • List of Input fields is taken from the previous object

  1. Properties
  2. Create new tab
  3. Cut
  4. Copy
  5. Paste
  6. Delete
  7. Redo
  8. Undo
  9. Align Left
  10. Arrange Vertically
  11. Align Right
  12. Align Bottom
  13. Arrange Horizontally
  14. Align Top
  15. Space Horizontally
  16. Space Vertically
  17. Snap to grid/show grid
  18. Prints Mapping
  19. Print Preview Mapping
  20. Automap data
  21. Delete All objects
  22. Delete All Links
  23. Search Objects
  24. Process Data
  25. First Record
  26. Previous Record
  27. Next Record
  28. Last Record
  29. Show Objects Panel
  30. Copies Inputs to Outputs (Only visible if transformer is connected to any object other than writer)
  31. Zoom In
  32. Zoom Out
  33. Zoom back to 100%


Example below splits date field into Day, Month and Year using ‘/’ as a delimiter

Another Example Converts Customer Name into More readable format:

If the Inputs and Outputs have got the same names you may use Auto map feature.

Click, Fill in all necessary data and click map

For more technologies supported by our ETL Software see Advanced ETL Processor Versions and Visual Importer ETL Versions

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