The Advanced ETL Processor is a Codeless ETL Tool.

The Advanced ETL Processor is an end to end database extraction and importing tool. The beauty of the system is that it saves the drudgery and manual tasks normally required for tasks of this type, such as the writing of code, and all the transformations, validations and general checks normally performed. Using traditional methods, operations of this type can only be performed in stages, and not as one smooth operation!

For example, the traditional method of importing data from one system to another is to write specific code to extract data from the source database, e.g. an Oracle database, by creating a CSV comma-delimited file, and then writing code in the new language or system, for instance, Microsoft Access, and then performing the import. However, the operation does not end there. Any data imported has to be sorted, duplicated and loaded into the database using appropriate primary and foreign key constraints. This is only possible by creating code designed to achieve this process. You then need to manually send an e-mail to the administrator when the process is complete. In other words, each stage cannot be left to run in an automated fashion and has to be completed before proceeding to the next.

As you can see, the process is not straightforward. The Advanced ETL Processor automates all these processes in a simple and transparent fashion, and all without writing any code whatsoever.

As stated, the tool to handle any kind of database, including Oracle, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Excel spreadsheets, and a wide range of others. It is an excellent tool for those organizations who work with data warehouses, and where this involves working with a number of disparate databases.

Existing users find that the tool provides several benefits over existing tools such as Oracle SQL Loader, BCP, DTS or SSIS, such as the ability to update records automatically via utilization of the primary key.

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