Update/Delete Records

In order to Update/Delete records you must specify update key.

Update Key

For the example provided below, Advanced ETL Processor will execute the following SQL

(Update key is CustomerId, OrderNo).

Add/Delete Transformation

Add New And Update Old Records

Select count(*)
from [DEMO].[dbo].[orders]
where CustomerId=? And OrderNo=?

If any records found Advanced ETL will update them by executing

Update [DEMO].[dbo].[orders]
set orderdate=?,
where customerid=? And OrderNo=?

If no records found Advanced ETL will add new records

Update Records

Update [DEMO].[dbo].[orders]
set OrderDate=?,
where CustomerId=? And OrderNo=?

Delete Records

Delete from [DEMO].[dbo].[orders]
Where CustomerId=? And OrderNo=?

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Last updated: September 17, 2022