Visual Importer ETL Professional- History Of Changes


+ Updated: Excel components


+ Added: Search String option to File check package action
+ Added: New example: Save Excel Sheets Into Separate Files
Total number of tutorials is 96 now


+ Added: Refresh Tables list menu item to Table Browser dialogue


+ Added: Write Variables option to all Package Actions
+ Updated: Documentation
- Fixed: Package Action dialogue bug
- Fixed: Minour interface issues


+ Added: Keep sheet and List sheets option to Excel Package action


+ Improved: Block transformation combine step interface
+ Improved: HTTP Post Package action functinality


- Fixed: Minour Object Tree Bug


- Fixed: Bug with detaching tabs


+ Added: Support for python versions 3.10, 3.11 and 3.12
+ Improved: Block transformation error hadnling of missing source files


+ Added: Pivot block transformation
+ Added: UnPivot block transformation
+ Added: Copy/Paste to block transformations
+ Added: MoveUp/MoveDown butttons to some block transformations
+ Improved: wiki documetation


- Fixed: Rotate transformation bug


- Fixed: Block transformation AV
- Fixed: Block transformation double writing of Excel files


+ Improved: Block transformation progress bar position

06/11/2023 Major Release

+ Added: Block transformation
+ Added: Block transformation package action
+ Added: Added Enabled/Disabled flag to objects tree
+ Added: Added 4 new examples
+ Improved: Package editor popup menu
+ Improved: Setup procedure
+ Updated: Third-party Excel libraries

Repository upgrate scripts are located there


+ Improved: Calculation engine update


+ Improved: Openning objects from find string dialogue


+ Added: "Abort when no data found" checkbox to Export Package Action


+ Improved: Openning objects from Schedule tab
+ Improved: Openning objects from search dialogue


+ Improved: Components update: SSL, SSH, SFTP, MySQL, Postgre, SQLite, Interbase/Firebird


+ Improved: Renamed HTTP Form package action to HTTP Post
+ Improved: Renamed HTTP Download package action to HTTP Get
+ Added: 0090 Convert PDF to Excel example


+ Added: , , , variables to File metadata package action


+ Added: 0089 Convert all XML files in a directory example
- Fixed: MS Access Repository structure


+ Added: Incremental search to Expression editor dialogue


- Fixed: Issues with inserting default values within the data grid. (MySQL, Postgress, Interbase/Firebird and SQLite)
+ Improved: Added timeout hint to schedule dialogue


+ Improved: Logging fro send email package action


+ Improved: Copy and clone functionality


+ Improved: SFTP working with private keys


+ Improved: Ofiice365 Email monitor check for new emails only


+ Added: User defined fields to properties dialogs


+ Added: Ability to detach tabs
+ Added: Added XML/XSLT editor to XSLT Transformation package action
+ Improved: Object Library Grid
+ Improved: Adding Objects from Library
+ Improved: Seach dailogue is sorted by type and description by default
- Fixed: Invalid Variant Type bug in Object Library Grid


- Fixed: File is locked bug


+ Added: Ability to save packages as bmp files
+ Added: Office 365 connection cache


- Fixed: Office 365 email memory leak


+ Added: User Input Package Action


+ Added: Default Application Platform to options dialogue
+ Improved: Increased maximum number of Office 365 email folders to 250


+ Improved: Repository Synchronization Wizard error handling
+ Improved: Variables Logging handling
+ Improved: vpr.exe error handling


+ Improved: Excel operation action
+ Added: Added ability to merge two Excel files without losing formatting
+ Added: Added ability to set Excel file active sheet


+ Added: New demo: how to embed pictures into an email
- Fixed: Removed insert image button from Send email action dialogue
+ Improved: Updated documentation link


+ Improved: Error handling of HTTP download package action
+ Improved: Error handling of SOAP package action
+ Improved: Installation process


+ Improved: Excel Operation Action working with mask


+ Improved: Ping package action error handling and logging


+ Improved: Reduced SQL server connection timeout to 20 seconds for check connection package action
+ Added: Timeout to Ping package action


- Fixed: Issues with showing lookup data


- Fixed: Issues with package execution default result


+ Added: Write Variables Check Box to options dialogue


+ Added: Support for SSH Connections to MySQL,Postgres and MongoDDB
+ Added: Start at option to Execute external application package action


- Fixed: ExecuteObject Failure - Index Out of Bounds


- Fixed: Incorrect variable date format


+ Added: Support for Office 365 Email monitor
+ Improved: Office 365 connection dialogue error handling
- Fixed: Issue with deleting nodes on maintain tab


+ Added: variable


- Fixed: Issue with reading Office 365 email folders list


+ Improved: Schedule sorting


+ Added: Do not create empty files option to Export Package Action


- Fixed: Viewing Views Issues while browsing the data
+ Improved: Loading data into smalldatetime fields

11/06/2022 -

- Fixed: Missing DLL's

05/05/2022 -

- Fixed: Issues with autosaving Import script changes

22/03/2022 -

+ Added: Appache Kafka connection
+ Added: Receive Appache Kafka message action
+ Added: Send Appache Kafka message action

10/03/2022 -

+ Improved: Report Package Action generator embeds fonts by default now

02/03/2022 -

- Fixed: Issue with sending emails in UTF-8 fromat

08/02/2022 -

+ Added: Out parameters to reports
- Fixed: Issue with running Oracle SQL scripts from sql script screen

14/01/2022 -

+ Added: RabbitMQ connection
+ Added: Receive RabbitMQ message action
+ Added: Send RabbitMQ message action
+ Improved: Look and feel while working with High Dpi monitors
+ Improved: Default theme is set to Office 2016 White
- Fixed: Issues with running import scripts from the package

17/12/2021 -

+ Improved: Note's custom colours are persisted across user sessions
+ Improved: Package Note's can be added to the object library now

15/12/2021 -

+ Added: GUIDNB Transformation language function, it returns clean GUID value without brackets and underscores
+ Added: variable

06/12/2021 -

- Fixed: IMAP4 and POP3 AV

30/11/2021 -

+ Added: Office 365 connection
+ Added: receive Office 365 email action
+ Added: ability to save emails as EML files
+ Added: option to mark emails as read
+ Added: option to download unread/read emails only
+ Added: Send email action support office 365 connections
- Fixed: Issues with downloading large files via HTTP/HTTPS
- Fixed: Issues with file metadata package actions
+ Added: Automatic retry for STP downloads/uploads
+ Added: Ability to run transformations without a writer

04/11/2021 -

+ Added: variable

18/10/2021 -

+ Added: Search string dialogue to the objects tree
+ Improved: Third party components update
- Fixed: Installation Issues

02/10/2021 -

+ Added: Ability to ignore missing files to file operation

26/09/2021 -

+ Added: Search properties dialogue to package designer
+ Improved: Replace dialogue functionality
+ Improved: Excel components update
- Fixed: Issues with long month names

19/09/2021 -

+ Improved: FTP Error handling

23/07/2021 -

+ Improved: XML Reading performance
- Fixed: XSLT Transformation Action variable inside file name bugs

18/07/2021 -

+ Added: Added Parent field to search dialogue
- Fixed: Issues with saving email attachments
- Fixed: Issues with reading windows event log

11/07/2021 -

- Fixed: Minor Issues with logging

03/07/2021 -

+ Added: Ability to read single Excel value to Excel operation package action
- Fixed: Issues with Loop Package Action variables
- Fixed: Issues with closing ODBC connection when refreshing target fields list
- Fixed: Execution timeout bug
- Fixed: Email server reconnection bug

26/06/2021 -

+ Added: Ability to load variables from CSV file to Set Variable Package Action
+ Added: Ability to add Notes to SQL Scripts, Import Scripts, Packages and Email templates

21/06/2021 -

- Fixed: Windows log message format
- Fixed: Issues with running ExecuteObject from script package action
- Fixed: Ping package action bug
+ Added: Arrange Objects On Save to optios dialogue
+ Improved: Removed redundant options from options dialogue

11/06/2021 -

+ Added: etltools.ExecuteObject python function
+ Added: Error variables to SQL check, SQL Script, and Import package actions
+ Improved: Email attachment detach uses regular expression now
- Fixed: Minor spelling mistakes

02/06/2021 -

+ Improved: All package actions dialogs are resizable now
+ Improved: Email dialogue design

20/05/2021 -

- Fixed: Issue with multiple semicolons within soap header

19/04/2021 -

- Fixed: SFTP Upload issues when no files are found

10/04/2021 -

+ Improved: Various cosmetic changes
+ Improved: Data import wizard object resizing
+ Improved: Added New and Edit to all connection dialogue headers
+ Improved: Connection dialogue is closed by pressing the ESC button
+ Improved: Changed table search from case sensitive to not case sensitive
+ Improved: Working with HTML tables
- Fixed: Twitter drag and drop was not working
- Fixed: Search dialogue issues
- Fixed: HTTP downloads shows message twice in the status bar
- Fixed: Restore Project Dialogue issues

03/04/2021 -

+ Improved: user can select HTML table file from import script designer
+ Improved: Send email package action uses HTML by default
+ Improved: Send email package action adds the selected file to the list of attachments automatically
+ Added: Support for variables to IMAP4/POP3 regular expressions.
- Fixed: Licensing issues when running the software on AWS servers.
- Fixed: Directory monitor issues when working with NAS storage.
- Fixed: Access violations when reading excel files
- Fixed: Problems with reading version information

21/03/2021 -

+ Improved: Group dialogue. When the user presses enter the dialogue is automatically closed

14/02/2020 -

+ Improved: Main screen log messages handling
+ Improved: the software will make three attempts to publish tableau files before failing
+ Improved: Updated Hyper API to the latest version
+ Improved: When the application starts it will ask the user "Reopen last objects? (It will only happen if reopen tabs option is checked)
+ Added: Email footer message
- Fixed: Various tableau related bugs
- Fixed: Pause package action issues
- Fixed: Directory monitor screen bugs
- Fixed: Issue with empty decryption passphrase
- Fixed: Licence management issues
- Fixed: Schedule table backup/restore issues

05/02/2020 -

- Fixed: Fixed issue with package variable

03/02/2020 -

+ Added: HTML Table source
+ Added: Do nothing option to Receive Email IMAP4 package action
+ Added: variable to Receive Email IMAP4 package action
+ Added: Extract MIME Data package action
- Fixed: Invalid pointer error while compressing
- Fixed: FTP Monitor bugs (SFTP Connection issue)
- Fixed: Tableau connection issues
+ Updated: Digital signature

22/12/2020 -

- Fixed: Loading data from FoxPro

19/12/2020 -

+ Added: GetSystemDate function returns the fractions of a second now
+ Improved: Replace String Wizard
- Fixed: Installation issues
- Fixed: Problem with renaming library objects
- Fixed: Licence management issues
- Fixed: Issues with cloning connections

01/12/2020 -

+ Added: To, ReplyTo, Cc and Bcc fields to POP3 and IMAP4 data source

- Fixed: Issues with special characters inside SQL server database names
+ Fixed: Replace String Wizard bugs
+ Added: Popup menu to Replace String Wizard

+ Improved: Setup look and feel
+ Added: Replace String Wizard

+ Improved: SMS connection dialogue
- Fixed: Wrong Package Name variable issue
+ Improved: Execution log refresh behaviour

+ Added: Owner field to file system reader
+ Added: Owner variable to file metadata package object
+ Added: FileOwner scripting language function

+ Added: Support for reading Tableau Hyper files
+ Added: Support for creating Tableau Hyper tables
+ Added: Support for python version 3.8 and 3.9
+ Improved: Tableau hyper client update
- Fixed: Note object color bug
- Fixed: Options dialogue email bug

+ Added: Variables: ,,,,,,
+ Added: Check License package object

+ Improved: Support for DATETIME2 Fields

- Fixed: Issues with Azure blob loading

- Fixed: Issues with running packages using GUI

+ Improved: Support for DATETIME2 Fields
- Fixed: Issues with reading JSON objects

+ Improved: Software registration process

+ Improved: JSON Data Handling

+ Added: Support for SQL Server 2017
- Fixed: Issues with loading data into varchar(max) field
- Improved: SQL Server error handling

+ Improved: Email processing supports regular expressions now
+ Improved: Support for variables was added to IMAP4 folder names
+ Added: "Complex JSON" check box to JSON data source

+ Improved: Email attachments handling
+ Added: Path builder
+ Improved: The behaviour of show message action was changed so when running from an agent it writes the message into the log

+ Added: colours to notes
- Fixed: issues with deleting the text inside notes

+ Added: Support for PostgreSql 12
+ Added: Ability to delete files after compression
+ Improved: Expanded IMAP4 drop-down box
- Fixed: Spelling errors

+ Added: Ability to select Amazon connection endpoint
+ Added: variable to Receive Email Package object (IMAP4 and POP3)
- Fixed: Fixed issue with Objects library

+ Added: Support for Telegram Bot API
+ Added: Checks for source and target structure changes
- Fixed: IMAP4 reader shows UID correctly now

+ Added: Added ability to pull a license from the license server
- Fixed: Package copy/paste issues
- Fixed: Eventlog crashes
- Fixed: Bat files execution problems

- Fixed: Objects Library bugs
- Fixed: Losing mapping bug when the search box is used
+ Added: Parameters to External Application package action
+ Added: Copy Directory Structure option to File operation package action

+ Added: Restore project option

+ Added: Clear log Action
+ Improved: Loop Action Logging
+ Improved: Set Variable Action
+ Fixed: Project clone issues
+ Improved: Salesforce connection uses TLS 1.2 now

+ Added: Support for Amazon S3 and Azure Blobs
+ Added: Amazon S3 operations: Download, upload and delete files, Create and delete baskets, Download basket files List
+ Added: Azure blob operations: Download, upload and delete files, Create and delete containers, Download container files List
+ Improved: Third-party components update:

Report generator
Excel processing libraries
Cloud libraries
Text conversion libraries

+ Improved: Various bug fixes and improvements
+ Fixed: FTP errors when working with very large files
- Fixed: Repository Synchronization dialogue issues with MongoDB
- Fixed: Used by dialogue issues with MongoDB
- Fixed: Excel data reading problems
- Fixed: Objects Library bugs

Update procedure:

+ Added: Syslog data source

- Fixed: Reading JSON Data AV

+ Improved: Excel action can change file extension now

+ Improved: Software Installation Process
+ Improved: Third-Party Components Update
+ Fixed: Minor Python Integration Issues

+ Improved: if registration fails the message is displayed
+ Improved: "Disable Package Actions Variables By Default" is not be enabled by default.

+ Improved: if an object is read-only, it's shown in grey colour
+ Improved: Added right context menu to the tabbed view of the designers, it allows to autosave all items being closed
+ Improved: Added '[-4]-Finish Package Execution - Failure' option to all package action's designers
+ Improved: Added '[-3]-Finish Package Execution - Success' option to all package action's designers

Software registration changes:

Starting from this release users would need to enter the license key and control number to register the software.

+ Improved: Extracts data from OLE Db up to 4 times faster
+ Improved: Extracts data from SQLite up to 2 times faster
+ Improved: The application starts much faster
+ Improved: It is now possible to add files to the existing archives
- Fixed: Issues with reading google spreadsheet data

+ Improved: Import data error handling
+ Improved: Extracts data from OleDB up to 5 times faster

+ Added: Support for calculations inside the source file

+ Added: New Datasource - Twitter
+ Improved: Twitter message can include pictures
+ Improved: Gpg4win support for variables
+ Improved: Loads data into SQL server up to 25 percent faster
+ Improved: Active Directory Connection look and feel

+ Improved: Slight performance improvement

+ Added: Change Encoding Package Action
+ Added: Batch email processing option to IMAP4 and POP3 Package Actions
+ Improved: When the user press save objects are automatically added to the version control

+ Added: Ability to download, upload, delete and create directories to FTP Monitor dialogue

+ Added: Support for DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, Hubic, HiDrive and Yandex Disk cloud storage
+ Added: Cloud storage operations: Download, Upload, Create Remote Directory, Delete Remote Directory, Delete Files and Directory List
+ Added: Enable logging option to FTP Action Properties dialog
+ Added: Ability to download,upload,delete and create directories to FTP Action Properties dialog
+ Added: Enable logging option to POP3 Action Properties dialog
+ Added: Enable logging option to IMAP4 Action Properties dialog
+ Improved: Made FTP Action Properties dialog re sizable
+ Improved: Various bug fixes and improvements

+ Improved: JSON null values handling

+ Improved: Third-party components update
- Fixed: FTP Upload Issues

- Fixed: Issues with loading data into Varchar(MAX) fields (SQL Server)

+ Improved: Object selection visibility

+ Improved: Third-party components update

- Fixed: Addressed issues with loading data into XML, Image and Identity fields (SQL Server)

+ Improved: Up to two times faster loading data into SQL server
- Added: Support for TLS 1.2 SQL Server connections

+ Improved: Made Script Package Action dialogue box resizable
+ Improved: Made Send Email Package Action dialogue box resizable
- Fixed: Issues with exporting data into CSV and tab files from grids

+ Added: GetWindowsTemporaryDirectory, GetTemporaryFile, GetTemporaryFileInDirectory, GetTemporaryDirectory transformation language functions
+ Added: Get File Content Dynamic transformation function
+ Improved: Third party components update

- Fixed: Parallel Execution Issues

+ Added: ReadMe file to backup
+ Improved: Archive error handling
+ Improved: Setup Process

+ Improved: Spelling corrections
+ Improved: Email Notifications can be sent on all package failures
+ Improved: SMTP connection testing
+ Improved: Automatic database refresh

+ Improved: Google Spreadsheet import
- Fixed: Salesforce Bulk API load issues

- Fixed: Round Function issues
- Fixed: Issues with exporting very large grids into excel files

- Fixed: Problems with command line execution

+ Improved: Error handling for open files

- Fixed: Package logging issues
- Fixed: Registration issues

+ Added: and packages variables
+ Improved: Added more demos
+ Improved: Automatically uses the latest version of python installed
+ Improved: Support for python

+ Improved: Directory Monitor
+ Added: New events to watch to Directory Monitor: add, delete, modify and rename files
+ Added: Wait and Timeout option to Directory Monitor
+ Fixed: Salesforce Bulk API load issues
+ Fixed: Issues with very wide table names

+ Added: Upload type option to Publish Tableau File action dialogue
+ Added: "If File Exists" option to Publish Tableau File action dilaogue
+ Added: Support for hyper,tdsx,twb,twbx files to Publish Tableau File action
+ Improved : Publish Tableau File action uses rest now
+ Improved: Third party components update

+ Added: Package EMail attachment filter

- Fixed: Loop action issue with adding values

+ Fixed : #3D000 No database selected issue
+ Fixed: Uploading large files via SFTP
+ Added: , , variables

+ Updated: SFTP components
+ Improved: Backup Error handling
+ Improved: Repository Switching
+ Fixed: Various bug fixes and improvements

- Fixed: Loading data into Google spreadsheet
- Fixed: Issues with SFTP keys storage
+ Added: Ansi Driver checkbox to odbc connections

+ Added: Support for MongoDB
+ Added: Ability to delete nodes

Various bug fixes and improvements
Repository connection details and designer user interface settings are no longer stored in the registry, ini files are used instead

Update procedure:

- Fixed: Addressed issues with saving connection details (SQL Scripts and Report screen)

+ Added: HTTP Headers page to Soap, HTTP Download and HTTP form package actions
- Fixed: Issues with loading data from POP3 connection as part of the Package

+ Improved: Restoring backups (Some users add fields to repository tables and that led to restore failures)
+ Improved: Look and feel of Application options dialogue on win2008 server
+ Improved: Look and feel of Smtp connection dialogue on win2008 server
+ Improved: Object Selection Drop down always shows the correct icon now (Scheduler Dialogue and Event Monitor Dialogue)
+ Improved: Removed "Every" field from event_monitors table
+ Improved: Third-party components update (Data Grid)
+ Improved: Empty Data Grids show message
+ Improved: Execution log within Package editor looks the same way as execution log (Tree)

+ Improved: Third-party components update (Excel)
+ Improved: Changed logic fro processing excel files: if the software is unable to open file transformation is aborted
+ Added: Check the file to Excel Operation Action

- Fixed: Issues with Ping Package Action

+ Added: HTML Editor to Email Action
+ Added: Support for sending embedded images
+ Improved: Pause Package Action

- Fixed: Issues with non-English repositories

- Fixed : PGP Encription Action

- Fixed: Issues with reading Brightpearl data

+ Added : Content type to SOAP action
+ Improved : SOAP action dialogue
- Fixed : Issues with Copy/Paste functionality
- Fixed : Issues with FTP downloads
- Fixed : Azure backup Issues

+ Improved: Open SSL libraries update
+ Improved: 64-bit setup installs MS Access Ole DB provider automatically Major Release

Options Dialogue

"Execute only local actions" option was removed
"Use agent for execution was" removed

Maintenance tab

Complete redesign

Schedule tab

Execute on computer check box was removed

Schedule dialogue

Execute on computer check box was removed
Application Platform drop-down box was added

Execution log tab

Execute on computer check box was removed
Added Submitted, Executed and Platform fields

Submitted = application name which added action to the execution queue
Submitted = application name which executed the action
Submitted = application platform which executed the action (Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit)

It is now possible to change user agent option

- Fixed: Issues with version control

- Fixed : Issues with loading version info
- Fixed : MySql Server Repository Creation Scripts issues
- Fixed : Repository backup issues

- Fixed: HTTP Form post-action issues

+ Added: Tableau Server Connection
+ Added: Publishing Tableau TDE Files
+ Improved: Updated Tableau Client
+ Improved: Setup has an option to download Tableau client now

- Fixed: Fixed QVD reading issues

Major update: Uses the new backup format

+ Improved: Repository Backup performance
+ Improved: Repository Backup restore performance
+ Improved: Repository Synchronization Wizard can use backup as a source for Synchronization
- Fixed: Import Wizard Issues

+ Improved: Setup procedure

- Fixed: Issues with loading version info

+ Improved: Maximum ODBC Connection String is 4K now

- Fixed: Issues with system variables

+ Improved: Look and feel of object joins
+ Improved: Installation
- Fixed: Issues with Space horizontally and vertically logic
- Fixed: Issues with moving objects within object tree

+ Improved: Updated Salesforce API to v38
- Fixed: Addressed issues with log refresh

+ Added: Number Of Files Found variable to File Operation, Check File, Zip and FTP Package actions
+ Improved: Report generator components update
+ Improved: Query Builder components update
+ Improved: SSL components update
+ Improved: Improved file delete messages
+ Improved: Repository Creation Wizard
+ Improved: Removed Agent management buttons from the log tab and schedule tab
+ Improved: Removed Number of executions field from log tab
+ Improved: Removed clutter from maintain tab
- Fixed: Addressed issues with scheduler next execution date calculation
- Fixed: Addressed issues with SFTP file downloads

+ Improved: Schedule dialogue allows to enter multiple lines now

- Fixed: Issues with MySQL Repository

- Fixed: Issues with refreshing logs

+ Added: Object Dependency search
- Fixed: Issues with updating data via table browser

+ Added : Added displayName, distinguisedName, initials, mailNickname, publicDelegates, sAMAccountType, scriptPath, showInAddressBook, sn, pager, extensionAttribute1-extensionAttribute15 fields to ActiveDirectory extract
+ Improved : Third party componets update
+ Improved : Table generation
+ Improved : FTP Listing generation

+ Added: Support for SFTP V06
+ Added: Table generation option to import grid PopUp menu
- Fixed: Issues with reading data from SalesForce

+ Added: Excel Operation action

+ Added: Option to disable record count
+ Improved: Once deleted packages are disabled in the scheduler
- Fixed: Fixed issues with reading XML files

+ Improved: Up to 10 percent performance increase while loading data into date/time fields

+ Added: and variables
+ Improved: Support for JSON as data source

+ Added: Support for JSON as data source
+ Added: File Metadata Action
+ Improved : Object tree search functionality

+ Added: Added variable
+ Added: Do not show notifications option was added
+ Improved: Computer to execute on is converted to the upper case now
+ Improved: Current computer name is used by default as Computer to execute on
- Fixed: Addressed issues with variable

+ Improved: Date Format list
+ Improved: Global variables handling for reports

- Fixed: BDE Datasource issues
+ Improved: MySQL Error handling
+ Improved: Global variables handling

- Fixed: Problems with reading delimited text files when the delimiter is more than one character log

+ Added: Execute One Action at the time option
- Fixed: Problems with reading data from Salesforce

- Fixed: Problems with refreshing list of Oracle Tables

- Fixed: Problems with AM/PM Date conversion

- Fixed: SFTP Rename issues

+ Improved: JDBC Processing
- Fixed: Problems with data preview dialogue
- Fixed: Problems with version control

+ Improved: JDBC Errors Handling

- Fixed: Problems with Soap Package Action Parameters

+ New: Keep-Alive option to FTP Dialogue
+ Improved: status bar formatting for FTP operations

- Fixed: Problems with Import script properties dialogue

- Fixed: Problems with aborting import were resolved

- Fixed: Problems with reading data from Unicode files
- Fixed: Problems with command-line execution

+ Third-party components update
+ Support for the new functions introduced in the Excel 2016 January Update
+ Improved compatibility with third-party xlsx files
+ Improved compatibility with invalid xls and xlsx files
+ Improved: Excel 2010 equations are now preserved in xlsx
+ Improved: Log and rejected records files are no longer using executable location
+ Improved: Log screen refresh logic
+ New: Support SSL v2, v3, v1_1 and v1_2 was introduced
+ New: Support for opening xls versions from 2 to 4
- FTP action bug fixes
- Fixed order of records specific for Excel 2010 to workaround a bug in Excel 2010.
- Some very complex files could raise an error when opened in Excel 2010, even when they were correct by the xlsx spec.
- Fixed: Xlsx files with 0 bytes xml files inside could throw an "Invalid XML file" error.
- Fixed: Data validations entered manually in xls files could fail to work when opened in Excel
- Fixed: Row Cannot Be Located for Updating issue

- Addressed data compression issues
+ Added support for aes192-cbc,aes192-ctr,aes256-cbc,aes256-ctr encryption to FTP connection dialog

+ Added support for aes192-cbc,aes192-ctr,aes256-cbc,aes256-ctr encryption to FTP client

+ Added variable

- Addressed Salesforce data update issues

- Addressed Salesforce data update issues

+ Improved support for RSS feeds

+ Support for the latest Tableau API was introduced

+ New Datasource file system was introduced
+ Script Package action support for Python was introduced
- Minor bug fixes

- Package designer bugs fixes
- Date fields processing bugs fixes

- SalesForce data processing fixes

- Addressed DTD is prohibited issues

- Addressed email processing problems

+ PDF Report quality improvements

+ Added fail on no emails check box option to POP3 and IMAP4 packages action
+ Added ,

- Scheduler bug fix

+ Improved support for very large QVD files

+ Added ability to filter incoming messages by Recipient, CC and BCC to package actions
- Addressed Date conversion problems

+ SSL Libraries update
+ SalesForce connection uses TLS 1.1 now
+ Third party components update
- Addressed issues with IMAP4 package action

+ Uses tableau API 9.2 now
- Addressed issues with a print preview screen
- Addressed issues with flicking

+ 64-bit version initial release
+ Added MRU List to data entry grid
+ Error handling improvements

+ Added SOAP package action
+ Added XSLT Transformation package action
+ Added Open Now button to HTTP download package action
- Addressed issues with getting stored procedures parameters
- Addressed issues with downloading files via HTTP/HTTPS

+ Add refresh databases button to source and target connections
+ Added support for Unicode in server, database and table names
+ ODBC error messages support Unicode now
+ Added processor info to application title
- Expanded red box size in the status bar
- Addressed issues with loading data from JDBC data sources
- Addressed issues with loading data from Windows Event Log
- Fixed issues with syntax highlighting in Mapping editor

- Addressed issues with downloading files via HTTP/HTTPS

+ Added ability to extract 'List of groups the user(s) belongs to' from Active Directory
+ Added ability to extract 'List of group(s) members' from Active Directory
+ Added Active Directory connection

+ Added option to list only file names via FTP
- Addressed issues with reading very large QVD files
- Addressed issues with loading empty files via FTP

+ Added option to enable all variables in the package
+ Faster QVD files processing
- Addressed issues with creating QVD files
- Addressed issues with downloading files using SSL

- Addressed issues with downloading files via HTTP/HTTPS

+ Faster QVD files processing
- Addressed issues with variables

+ Added connection status variable to FTP, SMTP, POP3 ad IMAP4 connections
- Addressed issues with deleting notes from packages
- Addressed issues for FTP connection's variables

+ Third-party components update
+ Reduced memory usage for QVD files processing

- Addressed issues with FTP list action
- Addressed issues with File merge action

- Addressed issues with loading data into time fields
+ Added Additional Parameters option to GPG4 Package Action
+ Added After Execution tab to all Package Actions

+ Added Check Directory Package action

+ Added support for Active Directory as a data source
+ Added catch all objects to package
- Addressed issues with filtering date
- Addressed issues with exporting data into excel files

+ Smaller Executable
+ Updated regular expression engine

+ Added UTC To Local Date and Local Date to UTC script functions
- Addressed issues HTTP Download action

- Addressed issues with Log screen

+ Added FileLine transformation function
- Addressed issues with Loop package action

- Addressed issues with deleting objects from the library

- Addressed issues with Slemma Import

- Addressed issues with Loop package action

+ Added support for Clarion
+ Added support for Twitter

- Addressed issues with sending emails with attachments

+ All documentation is in wiki format now
- Addressed issues with starting multiple packages at the same time

+ Added support for Slemma

+ Data grid excel import and export is much faster now
- Addressed issues with exporting data as excel from data grids
- Addressed issues with deleting records from data grids

- Management console fixes

+ Google spreadsheet API update
+ Support for Salesforce Bulk API was introduced
+ Added MONTH_EXACT to DateDiffS function
+ Zip libraries update
+ Added Search in subdirectories Option to File Operation, Check File and Archive Actions

- Addressed issues with loading null values into salesforce

- Addressed issues with loading data from SQL Server CE

- Addressed issues with loading data from delimited files

+ Documentation update
+ Added GetExcelCellValue calculation function

- Addressed issues with retrieving information about Primary keys

+ Documentation update
- Addressed issues with the processing of delimited files
- Addressed issues with date formats

+ Up to 2 times faster data extraction from Sql Server
+ Up to 2 times faster data extraction from ODBC sources
+ Up to 2 times faster loading data into SQL Server
+ Up to 2 times faster loading data into ODBC
+ Added record number to package export object
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

+ Up to 2 times faster data extraction from Sql Server
+ Up to 2 times faster data extraction from ODBC sources
+ Up to 40 percent faster loading data into SQL Server
+ Up to 40 percent faster loading data into ODBC
+ Up to 10 percent faster loading data into PostgreSQL
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

+ Up to 3 times faster reading data from QVD files
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

+ Added ability to lock the objects
- Addressed issues with google spreadsheets processing
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

- Addressed issues with processing end of line characters inside delimited files

- Addressed issues with salesforce data processing
- Various bug fixes and improvements

- Addressed issues with running ODBC Manager from the application

+ SSL libraries update
- Various bug fixes and improvements

+ Up to 10 percent faster data loading
+ New version of report builder
+ Report builder documentation update
+ Various bug fixes and improvements

+ Support for MS SQL server 2014 was extended
+ Scheduler dialogue improvements
- Addressed issues with sending SMS messages

- Addressed issues with the theme management
- Loads recent history of changes by default now
(Full history is too big and slows down the application)

+ Added Vertical Grid
+ Third-party components update

- SFTP rename bug fix
- Table Editor bug fixes

+ Third-party components update

+ Setup and executable are digitally signed now
- Minor bugs fixes

- Updated repository creation scripts

+ Check File Action has new option: Check if file is in Use
+ Licence Update
+ Documentation Update

+ Changed the way parameters are passed into reports
+ Documentation update

- Addressed issues with XML encoding

+ Third party components update
+ Incremental search was added to all grids
+ Export to RTF was introduced
+ Excel export formats improvements
+ Various Interface improvements
+ Documentation update
+ Loop Package Action improvements
- Minor bugs fixes
- Spelling corrections

+ Loop Package Action improvements

+ Setup Update
+ Added Loop Package Action
+ Added Create list of files option to File Operation Package Action

- Addressed Salesforce connection dialogue issues

- Addressed SFTP bugs

+ Minor interface improvements

+ Added Hide Template Tab option
+ Better report error handling
- Report generator bugs fixes

+ Introduced support for Salesforce as data-target

- Report generator bugs fixes

+ Extended functionality of File Operation, Zip and Check File package actions

- MySQL bugs fixes

+ Documentation Update
+ Better Data Reader Memory Management

+ Support for using variables inside package zip object password was introduced

- Addressed issues with BIGINT fields

+ Import Script checking improvements
- Management console fixes

+ New package Object - SMS
+ Documentation Update
+ Import Script checking improvements
+ Interface improvements
- Date Format bugs fixes

+ Added Delete Leading Characters script function
+ Added Delete Trailing Characters script function
+ Added support for special characters
+ Interface improvements

+ Introduced support for salesforce QueryAll interface
- Addressed problems with batch import via ODBC

- Addressed problems with refreshing logs

+ Excel processing engine update

- Addressed issues with Undo Redo buttons
- Addressed problems with refreshing logs

+ Support for the latest version of Google spreadsheets was introduced

+ List of connections is sorted alphabetically now
- Minor XML processing fixes

+ Up to 50 percent faster working with QVD files

+ Added Authentication support to HTTP package objects

- Addressed memory leaks problems

- Addressed issues with sending emails with attachments

- Addressed issues of loading data from the files with old creation date
- Addressed DD-MMM-YYYY date format issues
+ Smaller Setup

- Fixed problem with log deletion

- XML and ODBC fixes

+ Repository structure was changed
Two new tables were added QUEUE_HISTORY and QUEUE_ACTIONS_HISTORY
Once package execution is completed records from QUEUE and QUEUE_ACTIONS are moved into those two tables
These modifications improve overall application stability
+ Added separate application to edit options
- Addressed file update problems

+ Added support for dynamic file names in attachments
+ Up to 5 percent faster now

- MySQL date processing bugs fixes
- Addressed some copy/paste issues

- Minor bugs fixes

+ Added library of objects

- Addressed issues of empty date fields

- Addressed issues of loading data from Excel files

+ Added snap to grid option
+ Added RichText object to the Report Designer
+ Addded Data Port option to FTP Connection

- Addressed issues with sending emails

+ Added following variables

+ Documentation Update
+ Extended functionality of send email action
- Addressed issues with loading data into MySQL

+ Introduced Management Console
- Addressed some FTP Package dialogue issues

- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files

- Addressed issues with long object names

+ HTTP Form package object was introduced
+ Documentation update
+ ,, system variables we added

- Corrected issues with FTP automation

- Addressed issues with auto-save functionality

+ Progress dialogue shows now execution log as well
+ Progress dialogue has an option to clear log first
+ Support for Zoom in/Out was introduced
+ Better printing support
- Email processing bug fixes

- Corrected issues with processing emails send by IPAD
- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files

- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files

+ Addressed issues with parallel task executions

+ Added send as HTML option
- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files
- Fixed bugs related to loading data into VARCHAR(MAX) fields.

+ Better handling of large Salesforce tables
+ Support for multiple Salesforce environments was introduced
+ Emails are sent as HTML now
- Addressed issues with updating data

- QVD reading bug fixes

+ Incremental Object search works with comments and connections now
+ Better handling of empty Salesforce tables
+ Support for Greenplum was introduced

+ Added ability to hide tabs on the main screen
+ Added select count(*) from table menu item to SQL browser
+ Added Space Horizontally and Space Vertically buttons
+ Search dialogue edit box value is stored in the registry now
- Addressed issues with date fields processing
- Addressed issues of loading data from delimited files

+ Added option to resize objects selector

+ Added search functionality to package editor
- Salesforce bug's fixes

+ Better source connection errors handling

+ Extended Global variables scope
- Salesforce bug's fixes
- Fixed problem with zip files locking
- Resolved Synchronization problem

- Fixed data preview screen
- Addressed issues with loading data from Salesforce
- Addressed issues with loading data into NTEXT fields

+ Salesforce connection support the latest API now
+ Support for MariaDB was introduced
+ Documentation Update
- Addressed problems with package editor
- Addressed problems with loading date fields
- Addressed problem with handling NULLs
- Fixed AV when loading data into MySQL

- Addressed problem with ping object

+ Minor Interface improvements
- Addressed problems with excel date formatting

- Addressed problems with SalesForce connection
+ Documentation update

- Addressed problems with formatting dates

+ Another 10 percent performance increase
- Addressed problems with scientific numbers in Excel
- Fixed bug with too many rejected records
- Smaller executable
- Addressed problem with non-ASCI characters in scripts/transformations/mappings etc

+ Up to 10 percent performance increase
+ Up to 3 times faster compared to version

+ Up to 100 percent performance increase

+ Further 20 percent performance increase for loading data from text files

+ Global Variables (very useful for switching from development to production)
+ Further 10 percent performance increase for loading data from text files
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

Another performance boost

+ Up to 50 percent increase for loading data via OleDB
+ Up to 40 percent increase when using stored procedures for loading the data
- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

Massive performance boost

+ ODBC to SQL Server up to 48.51%
+ Text to ORACLE via Conventional Path Loading up to 27.10%
+ Text to ORACLE via Direct Path Loading up to 34.99%
+ Text to PostgreSQL up to 32.60%
+ Text to SQL Server via BCP up to 33.89%
+ Package Objects Selector is movable and resizeable now
- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

Massive performance boost:

+ text to PostgreSQL up to 25 percent
+ text to Oracle up to 25 percent
+ text to Oledb up to 25 percent
+ text to MYSQL up to 10 percent
+ text to MS SQL server up to 25 percent

+ Multiple files decompression was introduced
+ File Rename with mask was introduced
- Undo/Redo bugs were fixes
- New object creation bugs were fixed

+ QVD generation bugs fixes
+ Added option to save scripts without opening them

+ Option to schedule execution on the last/first day of the month was added
+ Documentation update

+ Connection mapping dialogue was added to repository synchronisation wizard

+ Data reader timeout was introduced for ODBC, Access, MS SQL Server, OleDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MS SQL Server CE connections

+ Smaller executable
+ Memory usage was reduced for Excel files (50-25 percent less)
+ Added ObjectId label to data target properties dialogue
- Various bug fixes and interface improvements

- Addressed Repository Synchronization wizard bugs

- Various bug fixes

+ Introduced Repository Synchronization wizard

+ Addressed problems with updating Oracle blob fields

+ Undo/Redo Functionality was improved
+ Documentation update

+ Various bug fixes
+ Documentation update

+ Documentation update
- Addressed some regular expressions bugs

+ Added support to Redo and Undo to package designer
+ Added Register option to help menu
+ Various bug fixes and interface improvements

+ Added snap to grid to functionality
+ Various bug fixes and interface improvements

+ Added align left, align top, align right, and align bottom buttons
+ Better object selection for packages
+ Various bug fixes and interface improvements

+ Support for PGP was introduced
- Various bug fixes

+ Added Keep Characters Function
+ Added Epoch to Date Function
+ Added Date to Epoch Function
+ Interface improvements
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ Improved support for MS SQL Server 2012
+ Improved support for BDE
+ Logging improvements for Connection type, connection name and connection details
+ Executable is smaller now
+ Support for Excel 2013 was introduced
- Various bug fixes

+ New function was introduced ExecuteObject(ObjectId)
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ Support for BDE was introduced
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ Added copy paste functionality to IMAP connections
+ OLE Reports Dialogue is resizable now
- Various bug fixes

+ Introduced Autocomplete functionality
- Addressed some issues related to loading data from QVD files
- Various bug fixes

+ Support for stored procedures as a data target was introduced
+ Performance improvements for MS SQL Server Connection
+ Various Bug Fixes
+ Documentation Update

+ Added option to ignore XML tags between Table tag and Record tag
+ Documentaiton Update

- Repository Scripts fix
- Various bug fixes

+ Support for QVD files was introduced
- Various bug fixes

+ New Version control tab was introduced
+ Version control can submit several objects now
+ Version control dialogue can delete multiple objects now
- Various bug fixes

+ New package object was introduced = Case
+ New variables ,,'
- Various bug fixes

- Various bug fixes

+ Massive performance improvement up to 10+ times for some data sources/targets
- Various bug fixes

+ Support for Brightpearl was introduced
+ Support for IMAP4 was introduced
+ Support for SalesForce was introduced
+ Support for JDBC was introduced
+ Additional filters for file/zip and check file operations
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ Uses 10 times less memory for large excel files
+ Support for loading data from RSS, Google spreadsheets and windows event logs was introduced
+ Dynamic Excel sheet names
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

+ 10x performance increase for generating QVX files
- Addressed some issues related to working scheduler
- Various bug fixes

- Addressed some SMTP problems

+ Support for Dynamic SQL for ETL transformations was introduced

- Addressed some issues related to working with integrated scheduler

- Addressed some issues related to working with MS SQL Server Compact edition

+ Support for QlikView QVX files was introduced
- Various bug fixes

+ Timeout was added to SQL scripts

Zip archive *.zip; *.jar; *.ear; *.war; *.cbz; *.apk; *.wsz; *.wal; *.xpi; *.crx; *.dfsz; *.pcv; *.bsz; *.mskin; *.wmz; *.ipa; *.docx; *.xlsx; *.pptx; *.sxw; *.sxi; *.sxt; *.sxd; *.sxc; *.sxm; *.sxg; *.stw; *.sti; *.std; *.stc; *.odh; *.odd; *.odt; *.odm; *.ods; *.ots; *.odg; *.otg; *.odp; *.otp; *.odf; *.odb
BZip2 archive *.bz2; *.bzip2; *.tbz2; *.tbz
Rar archive *.rar; *.r00; *.cbr
Arj archive *.arj
Z archive *.z; *.taz
Lzh archive *.lzh; *.lha
7z archive *.7z
Cab archive *.cab; *.fwp
Nsis archive *.nsis
Lzma archive *.lzma
Lzma86 archive *.lzma86
Pe archive *.exe; *.dll; *.sys; *.bpl
Elf archive *.
Mach-O archive *.
Udf archive *.iso; *.img
Xar archive *.xar; *.safariextz
Mub archive *.
Hfs archive *.hfs
Dmg archive *.dmg
Compound archive *.msi; *.msp; *.doc; *.xls; *.ppt
Wim archive *.wim; *.swm
Iso archive *.iso; *.img
Chm archive *.chm; *.chi; *.chq; *.chw; *.hxs; *.hxi; *.hxr; *.hxq; *.hxw; *.lit
Split archive *.001
Rpm archive *.rpm
Deb archive *.deb
Cpio archive *.cpio
Tar archive *.tar
GZip archive *.gz; *.gzip; *.tgz; *.tpz
Ntfs archive *.ntfs; *.img
Fat archive *.fat; *.img
Mbr archive *.mbr
Vhd archive *.vhd
MsLZ archive *.
Flv archive *.flv
Swf archive *.swf
Swf archive *.swf
APM archive *.
PPMD archive *.pmd
Terse Executable *.te
UEFIc archive *.scap
UEFIs archive *.
SquashFS archive *.squashfs
CramFS archive *.cramfs

+ Support for compression of the following file formats was introduced:

Zip archive *.zip; *.jar; *.ear; *.war; *.cbz; *.apk; *.wsz; *.wal; *.xpi; *.crx; *.dfsz; *.pcv; *.bsz; *.mskin; *.wmz; *.ipa; *.docx; *.xlsx; *.pptx; *.sxw; *.sxi; *.sxt; *.sxd; *.sxc; *.sxm; *.sxg; *.stw; *.sti; *.std; *.stc; *.odh; *.odd; *.odt; *.odm; *.ods; *.ots; *.odg; *.otg; *.odp; *.otp; *.odf; *.odb
BZip2 archive *.bz2; *.bzip2; *.tbz2; *.tbz
7z archive *.7z
Tar archive *.tar
GZip archive *.gz; *.gzip; *.tgz; *.tpz
Swf archive *.swf

+ ZIP dialogue can decompress and compress files now
+ Order of fields was charged in connection dialogue: user selects server name, enters the user name and password and finally, the user selects the database.
+ Even smaller executable now
- SMTP testing was fixed for SSL connection
- Export Dialog alignment problem was corrected
- Main windows alignment problem was corrected
- Position saving problem was addressed for the package editor
- Corrected some repository creation scripts


+ New repository structure compatible with Database browser,
+ Advanced ETL Processor and Active Table Editor
+ Mutiple SMTP, POP3, and FTP connections
+ Design and Generate Reports
+ Projects
+ Package Debugging
+ Highly optimised code
+ Schedule for execution Packages, Transformations and SQL scripts
+ CRC16, CRC24, CRC32, Adler32, CRC64, eDonkey, eMule, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, Whirlpool checksums
+ Simplified Repository management
+ Execution log has Execution time percentage
+ Schedule package execution directly from the package designer
+ Same for sql scripts and data transformations
+ Schedule for execution on specific computer
+ Easy agent management
+ Simplified Repository management
+ Agent status logging and current agent tasks grid
+ Documentation update
+ Support for themes
+ Open Excel/text/access files from Visual Importer ETL
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

+ Package debugger was introduced
+ Breakpoints were introduced
+ Execute single package object option was introduced
+ More generic log viewer
+ Execution agent writes startup error messages in the log file
- Disappearing tree nodes problem was addressed
- Minor interface tweaks

- Double attachment fix

+ Support for variables in import was introduced
+ Better error handling for data source

+ Support for MySQL 5.5 was introduced
+ Interface Improvements
+ Command line parameter transformation function
+ Standard print preview
+ Support for scrolling in Package editor
- Boolean fix for MySql
- Better error handling for ADO and MS Sql scripts

Addressed some issues related to processing emails

Added pause package execution object

Fixed bugs related to working with time fields in MySQL
Export into excel via DDE was introduced

Added Support for XSLT transformations
Various bug fixes

Ping Server and Check Database connection was introduced
It is also possible to schedule a package for execution directly from the package designer
Various bug fixes

Data Transformation Package can be run every second now

Data import wizard fixes
Import Script can get variables values from packages now

Added "Search in subdirectories" option to data reader

Fixed number of issues related to loading data from XML file

Package editor interface improvements

The clear log shows dialogue box first
Direct Latest Version downloads from application
Various Bug Fixes

Get latest version menu item was added
Support for utf-16 was introduced for XML data reader
Various bug fixes

Data transformation language extension


DeleteCharacters(S,CharactersToDelete) Deletes specific characters from the string
Delete(S,Start,End) Deletes part of string S
EnsureNoPrefix(S,Prefix) Removes prefix from the string when present
EnsureNoSuffix(S,Suffix) Removes Suffix to the string when present
EnsurePrefix(S,Prefix) Adds prefix to the string when not present
EnsureSuffix(S,Suffix) Adds prefix to the string when not present
EscapeString(S) C style sring escape
UnEscapeString(S) C style sring unescape
LeftDelete(S,Length)Deletes Left part of the string

Fixed number of problems related to working with unique identifier files in SQL server
Added post changes button
Added Optimize Column Width button for all grids
Some corrections for German Locale were introduced

Addressed sftp host key not verified the problem

Addressed a number of problems related to working with unique identifier fields in SQL Server
Fixed bug loading zero-length files
Various bugs fixes

SFTP bugs fixes

Support for MS SQL Server Compact Edition was introduced
Calculations Enhancements
Various bugs fixes

Fixed Issues with SQLite imports
Support for zip files > 4 gigs was introduced

Support for SFTP was introduced
Various problems related to working with very large files were resolved

Various bugs fixes
Repository creation wizard was introduced

The problem with null dates was resolved

Major update

Calculations and scripting language changes

The syntax is slightly different now

1 source fields are aways strings
a) no need to use "[F1]"
b) [F1]+[F2] will concatenate two fields
if you want to add them use conversion functions

2 use single quotes instead of double quotes
eg GetSystemVariable('SYSTEM_DATE') GetSystemVariable("SYSTEM_DATE")

3 in order to make conversion easier we have added a new menu item
"Correct calculations"

4 Lots of new functions, procedures and language changes (see documentation)

Date time fields support

Default Format was changed to YYYY-MM-DD HH:NN:SS.ZZZ for ODBC and SQL server connections
They also support fractions of seconds now

MD5 Function was introduced
Various bug fixes

Works correctly with mixed case objects in PostgreSQL
Various bug fixes

Data grid grouping access violations fixes
Send email to support fixed

Loads data from XML files
Works correctly with multiple PostgreSQL schemes
Support for PostgreSQL 9 was introduced
Support for German Locale was introduced
Select all and copy from data grids
Documentation Update

Loads data into PostgreSQL 9.0
Improved Unicode support for Oracle connections
Title menu in data grids was added
Various Data transformation improvements

Supports multiple newline delimiters now

Memory leaks fixes

Works directly with SQLite now
New look and feel
Various Interbase/Firebird related bug fixes
Fixed bug with the import of MS Access tables with spaces in names

Various bug fixes

Works directly with Excel 3.0-2007
No ODBC, OleDB or MS Jet Required
Works correctly with mixed data types
Works correctly with cells with more 255 characters
No need for IMEX=1, HDR=Yes or Registry hacks (TypeGuessRows)
Loads data correctly all the time + no need to edit Excel file
Data grids modifications:
A grouping panel was added
Advanced filter dialogue was introduced
Record number
New look and feel
Table browser loads data much faster
SQL browser loads data much faster
Log screen loads much faster
Various Access violation and bug fixes

Various interface improvements
Various access violations were fixed
The problem with duplicated fields was resolved
Application loads much faster now
Large repositories are updated much faster now

HTTP Downloads and ETL Package scripts were introduced
System Variables
Documentation Update
Some problems were addressed related to loading data into varchar(max),nvarchar(max),varbinary(max)

A new button was added to the data transformation log
Show first 100 records

Various bug fixes

Support for SQL Server 2005/2008 was improved

Improved support for blobs.
Various bug fixes

Fields Notes were added

Support for FTPS and FTPES was introduced
Support for Ole Db was added
Minor bug fixes

A new tab was added to the data source properties dialogue called "Data reading restrictions"
Find Object dialogue was added
Minor bug fixes

Various bug fixes

Repository Synchronization bugs were fixed
Support for MySql, Interbase and PostgreSQL was added to SQL Check Data
Package copy-paste bug was fixed
Minor bug fixes

Added GetSystemVariable("OUTPUT_RECORDNUMBER")
Aded new calculation function DateDiffS
DecDateS(Date1,Format1, Date2,Format2,Type):String.
Use DateDiffS to calculate the difference between two dates.
Documentation update

Data Export Wizard was introduced
Now you can export 3000+ tables from the database with a couple of clicks

Two new package objects Show message and Ask a question
The additional option of Ftp object Passive/Active
various bugs fixes

Support for MySql, PostgreSQL and Interbase was added

Minor bug fixes

FTP Move files option was added
Move files has "Overwrite files" option now
Minor bug fixes

Some spelling errors were corrected
FTP Directory Listing is tab-delimited now
Minor bug fixes

ODBC Connection String Builder Was Introduces
Support for FTP Directory Listing
Improved support for NonStop ODBC/MX 2.0 ver ODBC Driver
Various Cosmetic Changes and Bug Fixes

Automatic Version check was introduced
Various bug fixes