Build high-performance data integration solutions

Including extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) packages for data warehousing and business automation. Visual Importer ETL Enterprise includes graphical tools and wizards for building and debugging automation packages; Actions for performing workflow functions such as FTP operations, executing SQL statements, and file manipulations; data sources and destinations for extracting and loading data; Unlike DTS, SSIS and Oracle Warehouse builder, Visual Importer ETL Enterprise can send and receive emails and process attachments as well.
By combining simple ETL Package Actions together Visual Importer ETL Enterprise helps businesses and Fortune 100 companies to automate complicated business processes and everyday tasks.

Enterprise Version includes Execution agent - Windows service.

Every package execution is logged, If something went wrong Visual Importer ETL Enterprise writes the detailed message into the log and writes a record into rejected records file.

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Works out of the box, Backed up by fast and unparalleled support

Recommended product for the Enterprise environment