How to Run Stored Procedures

In this tutorial, we will be Running stored procedures.

Quite often it is necessary to let the user change some parameters and run the stored procedure. For example, the user might want to run some calculations or prepare data for reporting in data-warehouse. This can be done with Active Table Editor in 10 minutes.

Scripts used in this demo:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[calculation_parameters](
[start_date] [datetime] NOT NULL,
[end_date] [datetime] NULL


CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[p_Calculate]
@start_date datetime,
@end_date datetime
set nocount on

set nocount on
declare @start_date datetime;
declare @end_date datetime;

select @start_date=max(start_date) from calculation_parameters;
select @end_date=max(end_date) from calculation_parameters;

exec p_Calculate @start_date, @end_date

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