• Starting from the middle of March 2019 users would need to enter the license code and control number to register the software.


    We used a very old licensing system and we wanted to change it for a very long time. License type can be now clearly seen on the about box and maintenance tab. This change applies to all our software products.

  • Based on user feedback we have added a new package action called Check License. The common use for it to notify the administrator that support and maintenance is about to expire. The default repository has an example.

    check license action package example

    Another way of checking license information is to use variables

    licensing variables

    Direct link, no registration required.
  • A lot of our users have bought site licenses and the number of them is growing. A site license allows using our ETL software on an unlimited number of computers at the same physical site location. This site location would normally be defined as a single building but could be considered to be a number of buildings within the same, general, geographical location, such as an industrial estate or small town.

    That's all really great and cost-efficient but managing licenses and updating them is a very time-consuming task.

    So based on users feedback we created a licensing server. It is very easy to use. Just add licenses and users will be able to update licenses without help from the administrator.

    licensing server add license

    Software Registration

    licensing server license usage

    Direct link, no registration required.
  • If you are unable to register the software try running it "as administrator".




    Note: Registration Name is case sensitive

    Direct link, no registration required.

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