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  • 00 Introduction to Active Table Editor

    Introduction to Active Table Editor

    We have delivered a lot of data transformation and integration projects and one day we realized, that we need to put something on the end-user computer, which allows editing lookup tables, running reports and performing calculations. Our users did not want to run SQL plus or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. It is just too complex for them.

    This is how Active Table Editor was born.

    All our ETL tools have no limitations, which means you can load your data today and solve all the data quality problems right now.

    Our WIKI has more detailed information if you are stuck post your question on our support forum and we will do our best to assist you

  • Active Table Editor -

    New Release Of Active Table Editor

    The most important change is how settings are stored.  All of them used to be saved in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and since Microsoft had tightened windows security it brought a lot of problems and error messages.  In order to make life everyone easier, the decision was made to move common settings into "ini files" and user-specific settings to HKEY_CURRENT_USER  registry key. The benefit of storing common settings in ini files that it is extremely easy to copy repository settings from one computer to another.  

    Active Table Editor

    Other changes are:
    • Added: Support for MongoDB
    • Fixed: User access issues
    • Fixed: Issues with checking the version
    • Fixed: Backup/Restore Issues
    • Improved: Third-party components update
    • Improved: Various bug fixes and improvements


    More information:

    All settings are stored in C:\ProgramData\ folder, that makes moving software to a different computer much easier.

    ATEOptions.iniholds designer user interface settings plus global variables values

    Connections.ini holds a list of all available repository connections

    Note: This list is shared among all applications

    ATEConnection.ini this file holds repository connection name

    Note: It might necessary to amend repository connection details after installation

    Repository Upgrade Procedure
  • Active Table Editor Security Changes

    A new release of Active Table Editor is available for download.

    Changes are small but useful especially if you have a lot of forms or reports to manage

    Both Group Properties and Add Document Dialogue support incremental search now

    Active Table Editor Group Dialog Properties

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  • Deleting all Records

    A new version of Active Table Editor is available for download

    Changes are:

    Added option to delete all records

    ATE Delete All Records


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  • Incremental Search

    Great news Active Table Editorsupports now incremental search


    Other changes are:

    + Third-party components update
    + Incremental search was added to all grids
    + Export to RTF was introduced
    + Excel export formats improvements
    + Various Interface improvements
    + Documentation update
    - Minor bugs fixes
    - Spelling corrections

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  • MRU List

    Good Software can be always made better. In the latest release of Active Table Editor and Database Browser, we have added support for MRU Lists

    MRU List is a list of the most recently used values. MRUList is displayed when the user types text in the grid editor

     mru list

  • New release of Active Table Editor

    Great news Active Table Editor 64-bit version is available for download

    active table editor 64bit

    About Active Table Editor

    Active Table Editor allows the administrator to log in and design the look of the application for the end-users. You can edit user menus, security settings, menu items and input forms. All this complexity is left behind the scene for the end-users. Once logged in, the end-users can see and edit the data, which was defined by the administrator. There is also an opportunity to use the command line and in this way bypass the login screen.


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  • Running Active Table Editor on Tablets

    The new version of Active Table Editor available for download.

    Based on the customer feedback we have added a new option "Large Icons"

    That makes it easier to use Active Table Editor on tablets

    We would like to thank Julian Wallasch for the assistance

    Options Dialogue

    Large Icons

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  • Running ETL Packages from Active Table Editor

    Several of our customers have asked us recently how to run Advanced ETL Processor or Visual Importer ETL Package from Active Table Editor or any other application.

    All of these customers use the agent for execution.

    The agent reads the QUEUE table several times per minute if there is something to execute it runs it.

    QUEUE table has a lot of fields and it is not very clear which values to use.

    Here is the basic SQL Server stored procedure:

    @LogDirectory NVARCHAR(255) ='',
    @ComputerToExecuteOn NVARCHAR(255) ='',
    @ObjectID Int,

    @UseAgent Int = 1, -- 1 = True, 0 = False
    @ExecuteOnComputer Int = 1
    -- Calculating ID
    select @ID =max(ID)+1 from ID_GENERATOR where id_type=2
    update ID_GENERATOR set ID=@ID where id_type=2
    OSUSER )
    @LogDirectory+'\Package_'+Cast(@ID as VARCHAR)+'.log' as LOG_FILE,
    getdate() as SUBMITED, 'P' as STATUS,
    @UseAgent as USE_AGENT,
    @ExecuteOnComputer as EXECUTE_ON_COMPUTER,
    @ComputerToExecuteOn as COMPUTER_TO_EXECUTE_ON,
    user as OSUSER
    from objects_tree
    where object_id=@ObjectID

    Execution example:



    Log Directory:

    Log Directory

    Object ID:

    The rest of the parameters is self-explanatory

    Active Table Editor Execute Button

  • Tutorials

    Watch this video to get started with Active Table Editor. More videos are below. Our WIKI has more detailed information if you are stuck post your question on our support forum and we will do our best to assist you  

  • Vertical Grid

    New version of Active Table Editor is available for download

    Changes are:

    + Added: Vertical Grid Menu item type
    + Third-party components update
    + Improved : Incremental Search Functionality


    More Information

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