Advanced ETL Processor - is ready for the users.

The most important change that 64-bit version can now execute both 32bt and 64bit scheduled actions, here a screenshot of the execution log:


Other changes are:

  • Improved: Directory Monitor
  • Added: New events to watch to Directory Monitor: add, delete, modify and rename files
  • Added: Wait and Timeout option to Directory Monitor
  • Improved: UnInstall process
  • Fixed: Salesforce Bulk API load issues
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Monitoring Directories for New files

Directory Monitor is windows service which executes predefined action when new file is added to the directory. Both local directories and network shares (using UNC path) can be monitored.

All our ETL tools have no limitations, that means you can load your data today and solve all the data quality problems right now.

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New release of Advanced ETL Processor is available for download.

Version No:

Changes are:

  + Added: Support for JSON as data source and target
  + Added: File Metadata Action
  + Improved : Object tree search functionality
  + Improved : Lookup transformation supports JSON as datas source now


generating json


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Here how our customers use Advanced ETL Processor for data migration

Converting QVD files to TDE files

The largest QVD file has 22 million records and it is 5.9 gigabytes in size


Using Advanced ETL Processor 64 bit and latest tableau SDK (9.2)


It took 36 minutes to convert the data with the average speed of 10k per second.


  1. Performance depends on a number of factors: Hardware, hard disk performance, number of fields and the complexity of transformations
  2. 32-bit version slightly slower for the file's creation
  3. Always use the 64-bit version with large QVD's
  4. Please use our support forum to provide us with feedback
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