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LIST Variable was created by bruce.gibbins

Hi. I was wondering if you may consider implementing some type of object that can hold a LIST of items that could be used in some batch processing runs to provide a feedback summary of what was processed during the package run. For example.

Assume a mail message comes in with 2 attachments that need to be handled as if each attachment was in its own message. The attachments are processed and the contents sent of to a target (eg a database table). But attachment 1 works and attachment 2 fails.

We would like to send a summary email notification to show some type of identification info for the originating email , the attachment and the status of each individual transformation. All of this is contained in a single package and we don't really want to SPAM the end-user with an individual mail message per attachment in the batch. In fact there could be multiple mail messages with multiple attachments in each message and we just want a summary to go back to the internal staff that may be waiting for the data.

Perhaps something like
Tracking Ref#TimeStampSourceAttachment NameStatus
CLIA-DTA-0001YYYY-MM-DD hh:nn:ssClient AFileName1.xlsxSUCCESS
CLIA-DTA-0002YYYY-MM-DD hh:nn:ssClient AFileName2.xlsxSUCCESS
CLIB-DTA-0002YYYY-MM-DD hh:nn:ssClient BDifferent FileName1.xlsxFAILED

We are recording a lot of this in a database table and I could send an AETL Report to the end-user but I still need a list of the Tracking Ref#s that we generate so that I can filter the report. I can't use dates and times or an end-of-day report as there could be multiple transmissions on the same day and the end-user needs to know as soon as the data comes in.
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