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TOPIC: Site License - Centralized License Manager Option

Site License - Centralized License Manager Option 2 weeks 2 days ago #19201

Here is a good idea and justification

For the Site License Subscription : Create a Separate Application GUI and Windows Services to host the "License Manager" , expose this service on port 80 or user defined port.. Enable the ETL software License to choose "local license" or "license manager". if local license, then license the software the current way. if "license manager", then the software prompts for an IP address and port syntax such as host.domain.com or etc, let them choose the port # too to match the one the license manager is installed with.
On the "central license manager, licenses are added as usual. there you can add the feature to show the calling server that connected to the license manager and add a enable/disable box next to each caller. the disable box prevents that "server" from getting the license from this license manager. hence its blocked. other wise it will get a license if requesting. the default behavior is enabled aka give license.

connecting servers get licenses and caches them locally. every start up it checks the cached license and every 5 startups it checks with the "licensing" manager. if fail to connect, show error, respect local license cached. if local license is expired, software warns like usual. if new license present, get it and store/cache it

add check / update license button under help to manually check in (if license manager option was set under register and is current option)

Justification, I have 3 site licenses (geographical sites) and over 20 instances of ETL vms in different environments ( DEV aka TEST, UAT aka Staging and PROD in total. Every year its getting harder to go and license these instances. why 20 and growing you ask, ? we have a single use policy not to assign a ETL instance to more than 1 client where possible, typically for segregation and compliance.

this way, its on my IT group to enable port 80 or 10010 to be opened for licensing in a "site".

This way, every year, i go to each license manager, and update/add the new license, in this way, I do that for the 3 instances and done .

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Site License - Centralized License Manager Option 2 weeks 1 day ago #19202

Hi Daniel.

Thank you for the feedback.
Your suggestion sounds like a really good idea.
We will add it to our development list
Peter Jonson
Support Analist

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