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TOPIC: Global Variables

Global Variables 1 year 8 months ago #18016


I would like to suggest if I may what I consider to be improvements to the Global Variable ecosystem

1. I noticed that the .INI file used to hold the name/value pairs retains stale name/value pairs. The following screen shot was taken AFTER I had deleted all of the global variables on my node, exited out of the app and restarted it. The Variable_Number is 0 but the Variable\Values section still contains all of the name\value pairs even though they have been deleted. You will also see that due to retaining these stale values that duplicates are possible

2. It would be good to enable Global Variables to reuse themselves. For example have 1 global variable called <ENV> with a Value of DEV then another Global Variable called <DATABASE> that has a value of TESTDATABASE_<ENV> that would then expand out to be TESTDATABASE_DEV

3. I think 2 may in fact be already available but it is dependent on the sequence that the variables are created. Which would be difficult to manage to ensure that inaccuracies did not occur. For example if <DATABASE> is defined BEFORE <ENV> and sequence was important then it may not expand out correctly and you would end up with TESTDATABASE_<ENV> as the value for <DATABASE> rather than what was expected.

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Global Variables 1 year 7 months ago #18226

As far as I am aware Global Variables reuse themselves already.
It is been like this since we've introduced them
Peter Jonson
Support Analist
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