O365 Data Reader Zero Messages

1 month 6 days ago - 1 month 6 days ago #22938 by bruce.gibbins

I was wondering if you would consider adding a checkbox to the O365 Mail Data Reader to abort cleanly if there is no mail?

I typically use the O365 Reader Package Action Object. However, in a very basic ETL workflow I directly scheduled a Transformation which simply read an email message if it existed and moved it into another folder and wrote a record to a database table. But because there may be no messages, we see failures in the execution log. However, in this case there may be no mail to read, and the task should just end successfully.

I then added the same Transformer to a package hoping to capture the transformation status. But because the reader treats no messages as an error, it aborts the transformation in error.

If there was a check box on the Reader itself then this false positive on an error when no messages to read could be avoided.


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4 weeks 5 hours ago #22970 by Peter.Jonson
I do not think there any need for additional check box
We just need to make sure that it works the same way as the rest of the readers.
(They do not fail when no data was found)  

Peter Jonson
ETL Developer

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3 weeks 3 days ago #22971 by admin
Just letting you know that your suggestion was implemented in the latest  release

Here are the details


Please let us know if it works as expected

ETL Architect
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