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We welcome your suggestions and comments to make our software better. We encourage you to use our support forum first so the rest of the users benefit from the answers.

While submitting a bug or problem please always include the following information:

  • Application Name
  • Version number
  • Operation system version
  • Database version
  • Repository type
  • All the symptoms of the Problem
  • Exact steps required to reproduce it
  • Log files
  • Data samples
  • Mapping as file
  • Sql script to create tables
  • Screenshots

We intend to resolve 90 percent of the reported problems with in 48 hours.

Most difficult issues or functionality extension are resolved with in one week

Please Note:

  • The Support forum has the highest priority
  • A lot of emails go directly into the spam folder

Excessive use of support

We reserve the right to charge additional fee for Excessive use of support

Abusing the forum and waisting time of support:

We provide as much as posible information online. We do have price information, tutorials, contact details and dowloads available on our web site. Asking questions like "where can I download the software from, where are the prices" before using search is not acceptable. Constantly sending emails to support instead of using support forum is not welcome. Ignoring support suggestions, not watching tutorials and not reading the documentation is not welcome either.

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