Getscript - data overflow error.

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Getscript - data overflow error. was created by SelwynO

GetScript problem.

The data passed exceed the maximum allowed by our ActiveX handler. I do have an option to increase the buffer size. I tested it with 10k buffer, but the data received was still 4098. This could be a bug in my ActiveX component, of which I have no control over, or an ActiveX limitation, or a problem on your side.

There is a lot of default values, particularly in the mapping that consumes significant space. I am attempting to extract the mapping via GetScript. Then I would store it until required for its table, restoring it by use of the SetScript.

Is it possible to extract, using a method similar to GetScript, just the mapping and any specific transformations set by the AutoMap suite. Similarly there would also be a requirement similar to SetScript to set the mapping in the template from the mapping extracted. Assuming a maximum of a 100 fields this would allow 40-characters per field.

Here is an extract from the Template.

Mapping=Mapped To
IfError=Set To Null

In most cases the mapping required would be -:


If MappedTo is the same as the Field=[..] then the Field=[SYMRECTYPE] is all the data required (20-bytes) as we can assume the MappedTo field is the same as the Field=. This would be enough for +-200 fields - I have a maximum of 80-fields in any one table. Say we allowed for a 100-fields, this would leave 2000 bytes for those few fields that have more than the default data.

This issue is critical to the success of VimpX in the COBOL world.

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